Musical digital drugs, only the truth

Musical digital drugs, only the truth

In the last time among youth, (Yes and not only) have become very popular musical drugs. Digital music on the basis of binaural waves, according to the latest research scientists, acts so same, and not less is dangerous, than heroin or cocaine.

The effect of binaural beats was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. The essence of the effect is as follows: if in the left ear to start, say, the sound of 200 Hz, and in the right — 209 Hz, the ears perfectly audible beating in 9 Hz, which corresponds to the alpha rhythm of the brain , so these waves will relax. And if to send waves with other frequency of beats, there will be some other effect, and still it is possible to mix everything with noise that it was beautiful and accelerated-slowed down. According to experimental data, applying different binaural beats on top of each other, you can cause specific type of brain activity, i.e. to make him get some experience.

However, their use as drugs began in 2006, with the advent of the I-Doser program. The program allows you to listen to files with certain content, which are served as sounds that cause euphoria, similar to the effect of the use of "real" drugs. Initially, they were stored in closed-format drg files that allowed only a certain number of auditions ("doses"), but soon the format of the program or drg files was opened, and their content was converted into common audio file formats that can be played by any audio player. There was a huge number of sites offering to download such files, and of course there were many fakes that do not have an initial impact.

To observe binaural beats, it is enough to put on stereo headphones, in which signals are fed to different ears, slightly different in frequency, the brain perceives the difference of signals as natural low-frequency beats. To ensure that such beats were heard, their frequency tones should be no higher than 1000-1500 Hz, and the difference frequencies below 30 Hz, but mostly not more than 25 Hz. Due to a sound wave of very low frequency. That's what excites the brain. At higher frequency differences a person hears two separate tones and beats do not arise.

"Safe buzz," that's what they call it now. You can just listen to music and get the same sensations that give marijuana, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy. The Institute of experimental medicine checked how safe this buzz is. The results shocked even the scientists. Encephalography of people who listened to binaural music during the experiment showed a clear violation of the brain, which, according to scientists, is very dangerous. Psychologists have their own opinions about the safety of the audiocube. Nothing good, say, in this there is no. Listening to the so-called adinacati, they thus gain some psychological edge. This is a potentially dangerous experiment. After trying one type of drug, you want to try another. Who is the author of this music, now it is unlikely to understand, some say about the conspiracy theory, others about aliens, in any case, it was made by someone who knows firsthand about research in the field of binaural waves. Here are the names of some of the drug compositions: Sex, Orgasm, Cocaine, Heroin, Weed, Marijuana, Alcohol, Oral sex, joy, flying to God, etc.

Clearly, listening to these noises, and otherwise it can not be called, causes a change in consciousness, which means that such music can already be called a drug. More about addiction, mental and physical. Here all individually, as well as in usual drugs, someone will try couple of times and will stop, others clings so that they can't stop any more, and destroy, the brains to a condition "station degradation". The Internet is full of offers to download digital drugs, but most of them is a fake, after listening to which a person will not get the expected effect, but there are really dangerous tracks, be careful.

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