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Drug treatment by Narconon program

Drug treatment by Narconon program

Narconon is a drug rehabilitation program, aimed against drug abuse and drug dependence by using preventative measures, anti-narcotics education and rehabilitation. Today it is one of the most widespread methods for drug dependence treatment. There are over 100 centers belonging to Narconon organization now. They offer the Narconon program in the boarding house conditions or in the centers, which provide the patients with anti-narcotics education. The centers work in 29 countries of the world, and their number is growing from year to year. The centers form a network of interconnected groups, governed by national and international Narconon offices.

Narconon was founded in 1966 by William Benitez, a former prisoner of Arizona State Prison. According to his words, after having read the book of American writer L.R. Hubbard “Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought” and used methods of improving human abilities, described in the book, Benitez and a dozen of other inmates got rid of heroin addiction once and for all.

The whole treatment consists of a series of educational courses and the detoxification program. During the detoxification program no drugs or medicines are used. Instead, to diminish the abstinence syndrome, the patients take minerals and vitamins. Also jogging and sauna are used. In accordance with the center’s information many people could overcome their dependence thanks to Narconon activity.

The main directions and courses of Narconon organization are listed below:

  • The Communication Course
  • The New Life Detoxification Program
  • The Learning Improvement Course
  • The Communication and Perception Course
  • The Ups and Downs in Life Course
  • The Personal Values and Integrity Course
  • The Changing Conditions in Life Course
  • The Way to Happiness Course

According to Narconon centers, the independent investigations estimate the efficiency of the program at 75 percent (75 percent of Narconon graduates start living a stable, ethic, efficient and drug free life).

In the United States the course of treatment costs from 10 to 30 thousand dollars.

With that the authorities have a lot of questions to these centers. Several times there were talks about destructive activity of organizations, which use techniques of R. Hubbard based on Scientology to prevent drug dependence. There were opened criminal cases against some of the centers. They were accused of using strong psychotropic substances to converse the patients into Scientology; of far too expensive price for the treatment; for practicing medicine without license and so on.

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