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Nonmedicamentous druguser rehabilitation

Nonmedicamentous druguser rehabilitation

One of rehabilitation directions for drug dependence treatment is creating rehabilitation centers, aimed at nonmedicamentous druguser rehabilitation. The process of druguser rehabilitation, which takes place in these centers, consists of overcoming abstinence syndrome by drug addicts themselves, work therapy, spiritual training and physical exercises. Such rehabilitation fully excludes the participation of narcologists and psychotherapeutists in treatment. Drug abusers are admitted to the center by their own will, after signing the required documents.

The majority of rehabilitation centers, working in our days, are founded by public organizations. The need in such centers is evident, taking into account the fact, that socialized medicine and services can’t come on this activity in the nearest future.

Staying in the rehabilitation center, the addicts learn to live a new life without narcotics, learn to help themselves, cook, wash, clean, look after animals, fix cars or work at some center’s objects and get professional skills. This way the addicts get the opportunity to start a new life, possessing some skills and abilities, useful in their future.

The druguser rehabilitation centers are unique, because any addict may be consulted there absolutely for free. The most important thing for a narcotics user here is his wish to get rid of dependence.

During the rehabilitation the addict is solving the following main issues:

  • Forming a new adequate picture of his disease.
  • Learning his personal peculiarities.
  • Learning to enjoy life without substances, changing his consciousness.
  • Forming new ways of interaction with immediate circle.

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