What is Butyrate. Consequences of the use of butyrate

What is Butyrate.

Butyrate GHB (Gamma hydroxybutyrate)-a synthetic depressant, has a hypnotic, sedative, Central muscle relaxant, antihypoxic, nootropic and antishock action. Due to its properties it is also used for recreational purposes. It is a white with a yellowish tinge crystalline powder with a weak specific smell. Soluble in water and alcohol. It is most often used in the form of sodium oxide (Na-GHB) and potassium oxide (K-GHB) salts. Ghb salts are available in powder form as well as in aqueous solutions. Chemical formula (NO-CH2-CH2-CH2-COONa). Dosage is calculated in milliliters, but more often measured by traffic jams from beer, one cap — about seven milliliters.

Slang names: Butira, Water, Oxic, Pinocchio, Oksana, ksyukha, Booth, Lemonade, Blue Verve, G, Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, Gamma-oh, Georgia home boy, Goop, Grievous Bodily Harm, EZLay, Liquid E, Liquid X, SG, Sodium Oxybate. It is also called "liquid ecstasy" for similar effects. It is a drug for introductory anesthesia from the group of nootropics, that is, supplying oxygen to the brain.

Signs of consumption of butyrate:

Butyrate, depending on dosage, leads to various negative changes in consciousness and behavior. But dependence, in varying degrees, appears from the first use. And an overdose can occur very easily.
In low doses, causes a condition similar to alcohol intoxication: relaxation, light dizziness, as well as improving the adaptive capacity of the cells of the interstitial nerve node to oxygen starvation, improvement of microcirculation, stimulation of the production of "growth hormone", etc., for which he was loved by athletes.
In medium doses, ecstasy is very similar with a small elements of alcohol, there is inconsistency of speech and inappropriate behavior. The patient experiences euphoria, longing, desire to stretch muscles, and especially sexual attraction. This increases its popularity at discos, as its average dose, mixed with alcohol, has proven to be an effective tool for emancipation.
In high doses can cause uncontrolled behavior with memory failures and increased activity, involuntary defecation. To interfere with large doses of ghb with alcohol can be dangerous. High doses of ghb are more likely to cause stupor, sleep or coma.

It is worth remembering that the combination of butyrate with alcohol containing drinks or taking it in front of other drugs can cause irreparable harm to the body and cause the immediate death of the addict!

Imaginary harmlessness of butyrate and a feeling of euphoria is the main trap that most people fall into.

Butyrate action begins 10-20 minutes after administration, and lasts for one to two hours, sometimes longer. In General, the effects and duration vary greatly depending on many parameters: for example, dose, body weight, physiological predisposition and a combination with other substances and food.

Consequences of the use of butyrate:

Often the use of boutiques is similar to alcoholism, and it seems to last for a few weeks. The man shaking hands, leaving him in a cold sweat, he suffers from paranoia, there is photophobia, and insomnia. As a result of such prolonged use of the drug, the drug addict can not fall asleep without the help of the strongest hypnotics. Quite quickly manifested tolerance to butyrate.

The harm to the body from the use of boutiques is expressed in the following:

The substance makes a person not only more liberated, it reduces the protective reaction, provokes a drug addict on the outbreak of aggression. In this regard, the person who consumed butyrate becomes inadequate, is a danger to other people.

The line between a light, relatively acceptable dose of butyrate and a lethal concentration is minimal. Compounding the situation is the fashion to interfere with butyrate it with alcohol — had destroyed more than one hundred young people. And, often suffer of innocent people falling under the wheels of the machines, which are operated completely inadequate drivers in the state of narcotic delusions.
Far behind the scenes are hundreds of dead and those maimed butyrate. Any sudden loss of control that butyrate provides in excess doses can lead to injuries, whether it's just a fall on the stairs or while working with the mechanisms. However, nothing compares to the danger that butirat poses to the human psyche, there is not a single drug from which a person would not become more and more crazy. But butyrate is to immerse people into a state of classical anesthesia, during which, if an accident disabled lying unconscious on the disco blaring in his mind can be severe and often irreversible rejection. And increasingly later emerging fears, doubts and uncertainty in their forces can borrow its the beginning of precisely in the very moment, when poisoned by boutique man a long time was in bustling and crowded place.
Getting rid of dependence on butyrate is possible only with the help of step-by-step treatment. It should include the elimination of physical dependence, rehabilitation and psychological assistance.

Application of butyrate in medicine

The action of butyrate is to activate the metabolic processes of brain, heart tissue, eye retina, the ability to increase their resistance to oxygen starvation. In addition, it stabilizes the contraction of cardiac muscle, microcirculation, normalizes kidney function in case of blood loss. Therefore, in medical practice, butyrate is used as a means for anesthesia in non-cavity little traumatic surgery with preservation of spontaneous breathing, as well as for introductory and basic anesthesia in surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, especially in patients who are in a state of hypoxia; in pediatric surgery; anesthesia in elderly people. In ophthalmic practice, sodium oxybutyrate is used in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (along with specific therapy) to activate the oxidizing processes in the retina and improve vision in this regard. But there is a big difference-to take butyrate for medical purposes as anesthesia or to use it to behave uninhibited, to overcome complexes, to gain self-confidence. This substance of medium concentration can only erase the barriers of decency, and does not contribute to human communication. Under butyrate can and down the street naked to run, believing that everything is fine.

Treatment of dependence on butyrate

Often close friends are trying to persuade the addict to quit their addiction on their own. The Internet describes a variety of techniques that allegedly have an effect in the treatment of drug addiction. Nevertheless, postponing the visit to the specialists, you worsen the condition of the addict, with your own hands translate his dependence into a more severe stage. It is impossible to get rid of this habit at home. You can only remove the symptoms of withdrawal with painkillers, but the addict in all ways try to get a new dose, so that your efforts will be in vain.

Close must only provide first aid in case of overdose: induce vomiting to eliminate as much as possible the amount of toxins from the body, to support the patient's head so he wouldn't choke on the vomit and as soon as possible, seek medical help. All the rest is recommended to entrust professional narcologists and psychiatrists who know all the features of boutique addiction and can help the addict at any stage.

Professional narcological assistance is divided into several stages:

Treatment of dependence on boutiques is a long process, which is carried out only in stationary conditions under the control of vigilant and experienced professionals.

From the history of butyrate:

For the first time butirat was allocated in 1874 by the Russian chemist-organic Alexander Zaitsev.
The method of synthesis was published in 1929.
In the 1960s, a number of experiments were carried out in which many previously unknown properties of butyrate were discovered. In particular, the ability of the drug to stimulate the release of growth hormone (GH), necessary for muscle building, was established. What resulted in 1980-ies to its wide dissemination as bioactive food additive to the diet of bodybuilders.
In recent years, butyrate has become quite popular in the club culture as a substitute for traditional alcohol. It is increasingly used as an energy source, providing high spirits, but without the alcohol hangover. Also, butyrate is used as a quite powerful aphrodisiac, increase the depth of sexual pleasure and duration of sexual intercourse.

Turnover of butyrate is limited to varying degrees in most countries, including the USA, Australia, great Britain, Japan, Canada and even the Netherlands.

Undoubtedly, butyrate is a drug that harms both the one who uses and the whole environment, primarily the family, as they see everything from the outside. They see what happens to their loved one, how drugs change him, and how he turns from a kind, loving child into a drug addict who is being controlled by drugs.
Any attempt to promote butyrate as a safe way to have fun – should be regarded as at least an attempt to mislead. And in fact it is unobtrusive proposal to reduce the life for several years or half, or five times.

It should also be noted that the fact of receipt of butyrate is difficult to ascertain. Drug butyrate completely disintegrates in the human body to water and carbon dioxide, after 5 hours the drug is not possible to be found in the blood. His traces can be found in the urine for a while. Standard rapid tests for human consumption of narcotic drugs is also not able to determine butyrate at any stage of its reception.

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