What is Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

What is Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) or N,N-dimethyltryptamine is an alkaloid substance from the class tryptamines can cause intense entheogenic experiences with powerful visual and auditory hallucinations, the perception of a move of time and the ability to experience emotions in a non-familiar realities. The chemical structure of DMT is similar to serotonin-one of the important neurotransmitters of the mammalian brain. Chemical formula (C12H16N2).

Dimethyltryptamine is found in some plants (e.g. Mimosa tenuiflora, Diplopterys cabrerana, Psychotria viridis, Virola, Anadenanthera peregrina, Anadenanthera, as well as in small quantities produced in individual animals during normal metabolism.
Herbs containing DMT are often used in their practices by shamans of South America. Ayahuasca drink usually contains DMT as one of the main active ingredients.

Pure DMT is a crystalline powder, either transparent in appearance, or having a shade of white to yellowish-reddish color.

Consequences of using DMT:

When the DMT hits the brain, it actually disrupts the normal functioning of serotonin, thereby causing an inadequate state in the person. People who have experienced DMT-trip often say that these experiences are so different from anything known to man that they are almost impossible to describe or Express in verbal or other form "as if the whole universe was squeezed to the size of a pea, placed in the brain, and blew up." Some users report extremely intense visual and sensory experiences of the erotic plan. According to the descriptions of drug addicts, the world breaks into a mosaic, everything begins to rotate, shimmer in different colors, very bright and colorful images float. Sometimes people experience experiences of extraterrestrial life among the creatures invented by their imagination. At minimal dosages control is usually preserved. At high dosages with visualization can not handle! If DMT is smoked, the effect does not last long - just a few minutes. If DMT is taken in the form of Ayahuasca, the effect lasts for several hours.

When Smoking, smoke often causes discomfort in the lungs. In the human body, the following changes occur: increases blood pressure, decreases the diameter of the pupil, heart rate increases. In the blood increases the level of substances such as corticotropin, prolactin, cortisol and beta-endorphins.
In the use of Ayahuasca is the nausea, which can lead to death from zahlebyvayas vomit.

When used Dimethyltryptamine possible and panic reaction. In the case of bad trip under DMT, a person begins to feel a strong fear, anxiety, paranoia, as if all the surrounding people and objects have become a manifestation of pure evil. People's faces are like masks. In this state, the person may show aggressive behavior towards others, which can lead to multiple injuries. At the end of the bad trip, a person may experience emotional instability for another week.

As with many drugs, people who use DMT can become psychologically dependent on the drug. Its stunning effects can be a distraction for some people. People who use DMT frequently run the risk of developing serotonin syndrome, which can cause muscle tremors, confusion, and sudden changes in blood pressure. It should be noted that regular use of DMT can cause difficulties with the perception of reality, which can lead to serious consequences for humans. These consequences may include problems at school, University or at work, in the family and in society at large. It should also be added that DMT is not detected by conventional tests for the content of narcotic substances in the blood and traces of their use.

The signs of using DMT:

Increased pulse rate, increased blood pressure, pupil dilation, hand tremors, dry skin. Drug intoxication is accompanied by a change in the perception of the outside world, hallucinations, a strong sense of happiness, overexcitation, violation of the feeling of the body, coordination of movements, loss of self-control.

Can meet a panic reaction in which the addict feels that he is losing his mind, his brain was damaged and will never recover.
Multiple techniques are developing psychosis, depression and apathy.

From the history of DMT:
1931 - the first chemical synthesis of DMT was performed by the English chemist Richard Manski.
1946 - Brazilian ethnobotanical and chemist gonzález de Lima was isolated DMT from Mimosa root. He gave this substance the name he gave to this substance the name "Nigerian" (Nigerine).
Mid-1950-ies - Hungarian Dr. Stefan Zahra studied for the first time the psychoactive properties of DMT.
1990-1995 - research conducted by psychiatrist Rick Strassman at the University of new Mexico revealed that many of the volunteers involved experienced experiences of extraterrestrial life among creatures that were characterized as "elves", "aliens", "guides" and " helpers»
"DMT: spirit Molecule", one of the most famous books about DMT, written by Rick Strassman, a researcher in the field of medicine

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