What is phencyclidine (angel dust, PCP)

Фенциклидин (ангельская пыль, PCP)

Fencyclidine (full name phenyl cyclohexyl piperidine, abbreviated eng. PCP) is a crystalline substance of synthetic origin belonging to the group of dissociative anesthetic hallucinogens. Initially, PCP was synthesized as a drug for intravenous anesthesia and introduced into medical practice. Chemical formula(C17H25N)

hallucinations, agitation, mental disorder and depression, and despite good therapeutic properties, PCP were excluded from clinical practice. However, the PCP has become widely sold on the streets – both under its own name and as a fake "Ecstasy", LSD, TNS, MDA or mescaline.
PCP is sold not only in tablets and capsules, but also in the form of powder or liquid.

PCP has several synonyms in Russian and in English: PCP, Peace pill, angel dust (Angel dust), superthrive, weed-killer, HOG, Killer weed, KJ, Embalming fluid, Rocker fuel, Sherms, sernylan, sernyl.

Fencyclidine is easily absorbed and distributed to the peripheral organs (mainly in the liver and brain tissues), only in a very small amount remaining in the circulatory system, which is reflected in the large volume of distribution of 6.2 l/kg.the duration of the effects is 4-6 hours regardless of the method of administration. If you take too high doses, the symptoms can last up to 48 hours.

Consequences of the use Phencyclidine:

People under the influence of PCP manifests itself in the same way as with LSD: behavior, detached from reality, alienation from the environment. A dose of 1-10 mg causes euphoria and a state resembling alcohol intoxication. Doses of 0,075-0,1 mg / kg intravenously are already psychoactive, causing alienation, negativity, confusion, apathy, drowsiness and intoxication. Higher doses cause dizziness, analgesia, unusual physical sensations, a disorder of consciousness in which the ability to concentrate and perceive is violated, weakens memory. Doses above 1 mg/kg resulted in anesthesia with catatonic effect and the overall rigidity of the muscles.

With chronic use, tolerance and addiction develop rapidly. Withdrawal syndrome lasts for several days, accompanied by severe depression and disorientation. PCP causes a worsening of mental illness, especially schizophrenia, neurotoxic brain damage, known as Lesions Olney's (lesie Olney), or damage to Olney.

There are cases when under the influence of high doses of PCP people tried to stop the train, jumped from the rocks and thrown out of the Windows, climbed into the cave to the polar bear to take photos.
Deaths after use of PCR are the result not only of its toxicity, but also of irrational behavior caused by the action of the drug.

Signs of use Phencyclidine:

Absent (meaningless) look; muscle rigidity (tension); mimic grimaces, disorderly movements or, on the contrary, torpor, nystagmus (involuntary rapid movements of the eyeball); delayed and oiled speech sometimes -- speech excitation; ataxia (violation of coordination of movements); increasing the threshold of pain sensitivity (reducing susceptibility to pain); a strong sense of heat, strong sweating -- increasing body temperature; passivity or lethargy, which can suddenly be replaced by excitement; nausea, vomiting, drooling.
The host of Angel dust, it is possible to observe memory impairment; hallucinations: visual, auditory and tactile, and often the content of hallucinations can be controlled; loss of feeling of self-identity.

From the history Phencyclidine:

1956 PCP was first synthesized by the Parke firm
In the 60-ies of the PCP appeared in clinics in San Francisco under the brand name PeaCePill, from which comes the traditional cut – RSR (PI-si-PI).
In the 1960-ies under the name SERNYLAN a horse tranquilizer used in veterinary medicine.
The first cases of PCP abuse in San Francisco were reported in 1967.
since 1979, production of the drug was stopped, PCP was withdrawn from circulation and banned.
In the 80-ies in the USSR, a new tool for medical anesthesia called "kalipsol". It turned out that in its chemical structure it is close to the RSD
At the present time synthesized a large number of structural analogues of PCP, which is forbidden to eat, but there are illegal selling. Some of them have pharmacological activity similar RSR (RSR), others far exceed (RSU).

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