Beware, the spice is killed. What is spice, the composition and consequences of the use of smoking mixtures.

spice Diamond

Spice (from the English. "spice" — spice, spice) is a type of herbal Smoking mixture, composed of synthetic substances, entheogen (plants, composed of substances with psychotropic action), and common herbs. Spice appeared in the early 21st century in Europe and was sold as incense.

To androgennam include the following plants: kratom - mitragyna speciosa, Calea zacatechichi - calea zacatechichi, yopo - yopo, Kola nut - cola, guarana Catuaba, blue Lotus - nymphaea caerulea; Salvia - salvia divinorum; Hawaiian rose - argyreia nervosa. Some of them were banned in Russia by law.

It is the real or original Spice from which the name of all Smoking mixes selling till today is taken. Then, the work involved chemists and rushed.

The composition of spice was introduced a special substance JWH – 018 (or synthetic cannabis), which is 5 to 6 times more harmful than natural.

Reference: (Substance JWH-018 (1-pentyl-3 – naphthoylindole) is one of many among the hundreds of others in the series JWH-xxx, developed in recent years by the chemist John W. Huffman (from where the name – JWH) in the scientific laboratory of the University in Clemson, USA. The primary task of the scientist was the synthesis of analogues of THC (THC), the active component of marijuana. American patents 7241799 and 6900236 were obtained on JWH-018. Other scientists who studied the effect of the new drug on the brain receptors CB1 and CB2, confirmed about five times the superiority of JWH-018 over the standard tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) when used by humans and animals.)

Later, JWH-018 was replaced by JWH-210, JWH-200, JWH-203, JWH-249, JWH-251, JWH-673, JWH-307, JWH-073, JWH-122, JWH-133, JWH-196, JWH-116, JWH-182, JWH-019, JWH-398, JWH-302, JWH-359, JWH-424, JWH-771, JWH-011, JWH-081, JWH-015, JWH-007, JWH-030, PN-420, etc.

We must understand that the chemical formula of spice is constantly changing. The composition of Smoking mixtures include synthetic substances with a new chemical formula. There may be different ratios, and all spectra of JWH, MDPV, THC, and God knows what else. No one knows exactly what can be caught in the next dose of spice to your loved one.

What are the only exotic names do not come up with sellers of Smoking mixtures for their dangerous potion. Here are some of them: Spice Diamond, Tropical, Devil, Spice Arctic Synergy, Spice Gold, Hydro, Yucatan Fire, Goa, Nirvana, Jah Rush, Smoke, Genie Blend, Ex-Ses, Zohai, Skunk, Cosmic, Diesel, White Prince, Afgan Incense. And this is only a small part of the names. Do not think that the beautiful name of a spice will give you some sort of security guarantee. All of them are dangerous, and cause irreparable harm to health.

Signs of use spice

Signs of Spice use is partially reminiscent of the same as when Smoking marijuana:

What are the consequences of Smoking spice?

Primarily from the use of such Smoking mixtures suffers the human psyche, the impact on her turns, as well as the use of potent drugs. In the frequent use of "spice" appear hallucinations, anxiety, vomiting, feeling of panic. Very often fans of smoke some spice into the madhouse.

Suffers from the same and the whole body: lungs, liver, filtering impure blood, brain, and, anyway, a number of other bodies. Very harmful effects Smoking spice on the brain. The capillaries of the brain, trying not to let the poison to a "main" control center, sharply narrowed. As a result, the blood simply can not supply the blood with oxygen. Like any other cell, brain cells deprived of oxygen just die. It is this effect that teenagers like-there is a feeling of lightness and carelessness. Yes, ease comes. But is it worth paying for a few hours of "happiness" with your brain?

In men, this drug reduces potency, women become irregular menstruation. In some cases, this leads to infertility. Therefore, each girl should seriously think before you try spice for the first time, and decide what is more important for her – to get a few hours of questionable pleasure or in the future to be able to create a normal family.

Man " turns into a vegetable." Unlike herbal medicines, for example, hemp, the effect of Smoking mixes on the human body is 5...10 times stronger. Almost immediately after their adoption, the most powerful hallucinations occur, which can lead to tragic consequences, for example, there will be a desire to rush under the wheels of the car or jump out of the window of a 10-storey building.

Recently cases of fatal outcomes from the use of Smoking mixes became frequent. To be honest, the statistics of mortality from spice is simply terrifying. We are talking not about one-off cases, but about mass.

The trouble is that Smoking mixes are the first step in the transition to heavier drugs. German drug experts has described a case of withdrawal syndrome (breaking) associated with the prolonged use of "Spice". The article, prepared by employees of the Dresden technical University under the leadership of Ulrich Zimmermann (Ulrich S. Zimmermann), published in the journal Deutsches Drzteblatt International .

According to the authors of the publication, the young person seeking medical care showed typical signs of dependence on Smoking mixture, which for a long time was distributed in Europe as a legal substitute for marijuana.

The young man went to the hospital in Dresden after nine months of systematic use of a Smoking mixture "Spice Gold". During this period, the daily dose of the smoker "Spice" increased from 1 to 3 grams. Craving for psychoactive substance persisted and intensified despite the fact that a long stay in a altered state of consciousness led to serious problems at work.

Temporary cessation of use of "Spice", caused by interruptions in its supply, led to the emergence of signs of withdrawal syndrome in the form of anxiety, depression, tremor of limbs, palpitations, headaches, nausea and vomiting. After hospitalization and the final cessation of drug use, these symptoms resumed and were recorded by doctors.

Psychological dependence on spice is characterised by:







In the treatment of dependence on Smoking mixtures – as in the treatment of any other dependence is particularly important to pay attention to the psychological component. The mere detoxification of the body is not able to save people from the thrust enshrined in the mind. In the vast majority of cases, patients who have not undergone a course of psychological adjustment, after a short time there are relapses.
At the same time, the correction of the patient's psyche should begin after the physical manifestations of withdrawal syndrome are removed.

Treatment of dependence on spices

It is possible to treat dependence on spices in different ways, not all of them are effective. Often in despair, people decide on such methods as the treatment of spice addiction folk remedies or medicines. However, as a rule,it is a dead end. Even if the patient were able to tune into recovery and to select the means to facilitate drug withdrawal, after a while the spice master the human mind, and he finds a new motivation to eat. Therefore, only a comprehensive treatment for spice can completely change the situation.

At medical treatment of spinosissimus to each patient needs an individual approach is chosen, which can be divided into several stages:

Given the condition of the patient, for him to make a program that has its own personality and uniqueness. Important are also its psychological features.

Drug detoxification - before proceeding to the rehabilitation of the patient, it is necessary to remove chemically harmful substances from his body. Detoxification is absolutely safe. This takes into account how long a person smoked spice, in what quantities. This will help you choose the right method of detoxification. Duration of detoxification from 5 to 10 days.

Rehabilitation course-if a person does not have a desire to overcome their dependence, the experts give an impetus to this. Different forms of consultations with the patient lead to the fact that he finds his own motivation for recovery. He can choose a rehabilitation program, what classes and trainings are interesting for him. Clinical psychologist, narcologist, psychiatrist and other specialists monitor the treatment of spice. Rehabilitation is better to take place in a rehabilitation center, a boarding house or on vacation, it is important to change the place of stay, everything is quite individual.

Social adaptation is an important stage for the duration of the rehabilitation period. Classes are arranged so that patients have to contact each other, communicate, share their problems. What he can not share with a doctor or family, he will tell the person with the same problem. Patients are United by the same problem, so they are comfortable to be treated here.

Rehabilitation course and social adaptation are held from 3 weeks to 3 months.

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