What is Tianeptine

What is Tianeptine

Tianeptine is an antidepressant from the group of tricyclic derivatives redynamising (energizing) action. Chemical formula (C21H25ClN2O4S). It is used in the form of sodium salt. It is also known under the brand name "Coaxil" and "Stablon".

The mechanism of action of Tianeptine is associated with an increase in the reverse neuronal capture of serotonin by neurons of the cerebral cortex and hippocampus. Increases spontaneous activity of pyramidal cells and increases their recovery rate after functional suppression. Tianeptine also has anxiolytic and mild sedative effect. For a long time, Tianeptine was considered one of the safest antidepressants. Tianeptine as an antidepressant sold in pharmacies without a prescription, the instructions for use written - "not addictive...".

However, it soon became clear that the action of "Tianeptine" in uncontrolled doses comparable to heroin. Drug addicts did not fail to ignore this miracle drug. When one drug addict injected himself dissolved in water and then filtered tianeptine intravenously, it turned out that over-the-counter Tianeptine gives a narcotic effect many times stronger than heroin! Drug addicts began to actively consume Tianeptine, both in tablets and in injections.

Consequences of use of Tianeptine:

According to subjective estimates of the host Tianeptin in the long term, breaking him worse than heroin. And it flows and longer and more painful. Even opiates are not capable of alleviating the suffering of people taking Tianeptine for a long time. Constant use of Tianeptine is accompanied by a comprehensive depression. Against this background, abstinents can commit acts of aggression against themselves and others, reported numerous suicides committed by drug addicts taking Tianeptine.

Addicts tend to use Tianeptin intravenously. To do this, they just grind the drug, diluted it with tap water and this "solution" is poured into your body. I have to clarify that, first, a pill impossible to grind so finely that, diluted of dubious quality liquid to obtain a homogeneous solution. Secondly, it is difficult to imagine how many different microbes are introduced with this "solution" into the veins of the addict. Those who specialize in Tianeptine are usually pricked into the veins of the upper leg, as they are more powerful and they can be pricked longer. As soon as the Tianeptine with water gets into the vein, there is approximately the same, what happens to stale milk, when it is trying to boil. A blockage of the vein is formed. Stagnation of blood, burdened by a huge number of microbes injected. When Tianeptine is injected intravenously, it clogs the blood vessels and as a result everything ends in gangrene. This leads to the fact that addicts who are fond of Tianeptine, amputated limbs. Also, when oral use of Tianeptine develops rapid comedian caries, from which in just a week the mouth becomes full of rotting dental "stumps", and Tianeptine leads to irreversible vision loss due to progressive thrombosis of the vessels of the fundus.

Signs of use of Tianeptine:

Headache, dizziness, drowsiness, insomnia, nightmares, weakness, tremor, tachycardia, extrasystole, chest pain, dry mouth, appetite deterioration, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, constipation, abdominal pain, breathing difficulty, feeling of heat, muscle pain and lower back pain.
With prolonged use, there are blindness, necrosis, gangrene, decay of teeth and oral cavity.

From the history of Tianeptine:
Tianeptine became a popular sedative and antidepressant drug by the 90s of the 20th century. His action was approved by the medical community until it became clear that it develops addiction, turning into dependence. The dangerous tendency of heroin addicts to use Tianeptine, which is much cheaper but more dangerous for health damage, was revealed.

In the West, data are published mainly on isolated cases of abuse of tianeptine. However, this drug is widely used by drug addicts in Russia and other CIS countries. The use of tianeptine for non-medical purposes by Georgian emigrants in Turkey is also a significant problem

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