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Method of Allen Carr: The easy way to stop drinking

Easy way to stop drinking

Allen Carr (2 September 1934 - 29 November 2006) was born in London. He created a worldwide network of Easyway clinics, where he helped to leave off smoking, alcoholism and other dependences. Carr is also the author of several books, helping people get out of nicotine and alcohol traps.

Allen Carr, who created his own way to overcome nicotine dependence known in our days as “The easy way to stop smoking”, used his innovative method also in struggling against alcoholism. Carr said, his method was equally effective for any types of dependence. His book “The easy way to stop drinking” debunks delusions, that one’s life is an impossible thing without alcohol.

He offers help to everybody, who does want to stop drinking and get rid of ailment, which breaks families and destroys people’s lives. Allen Carr’s method, showing a phenomenal effectiveness, has won the recognition of many specialists, acquired great popularity and is successfully used in many countries of the world. It is characterized by the following qualities:

  • Effectiveness: the method of Allen Carr is used in many clinics all over the world; it is fast, efficient and has lasting result.
  • Simplicity: there is no need to have some extra strength of will, no need to substitute alcohol by something else; alcohol is just not required anymore.
  • Convenience: abstinence from alcohol causes neither discomfort, nor withdrawal syndrome.
  • Usability: no intimidation and no special treatment.
  • Universality: Allen Carr’s method helps everyone to overcome worries and fears, which don’t let you enjoy life to the full. Thanks the method the person can again enjoy holidays without alcohol.
  • Result: new and incomparable feeling of freedom.

Easyway is a network of clinics, created by Allen Carr to help people leaving off their addiction. 1983 Carr had left his job of bookkeeping and founded the first clinic. Carr is the author of 10 bestsellers; his most popular book is called “The easy way to stop smoking”. It took first place in sales in 9 countries among nonfiction literature, and still it remains one of the most best-selling books, fighting against dependence in the world. Success of Carr’s clinic in London gave birth to the worldwide network, counting more than 100 clinics in 49 countries of the world; books of Allen Carr were translated into 68 languages! The clinics of Carr guarantee 100 percent repayment in the case of failure. According to statistics, cases of recovery from alcoholism reach 90 percent. Independent scientific research has shown: 12 months after the course of treatment 53 percent of patients never return to their habit, that makes the method of Carr the most infallible among the other ways of quitting addiction. Among the clients of Allen Carr’s clinics are Sir Richard Branson, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Britney Spears and Charlotte Church.

The specialists, who work at Easyway clinics, all were clients of these clinics in the past, and all of them took the cure for alcoholism by Carr’s method. The treatment session lasts for 4-5 hours in a group of 20 clients. For the majority of them one session is enough for recovery. Using methods of psychotherapy and suggestion (hypnosis is beside the point!), therapeutists break the patterns of pleasure, received from dependence and terminate fears, connected with abstinence syndrome.

You can purchase the book and audio book “The easy way of stop drinking” or simply download it from the web.

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