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Everyone can give up smoking. 65% of the former smokers say that if they knew how it would be easy for them to give up smoking, they would have made it long time ago. The MAIN PRINCIPLE is NOT to PUT OFF. Many smokers are frightened by fear of remaining without something necessary. But ponder upon these figures: 4 million smokers will annually die – apart from poisoned with passive smoking. 4 years before their coevals innocent wives of smokers who couldn't solve for themselves how to give up smoking die. From all recent 500 million will be killed with smoking. Smoking kills more people, than AIDS, drug addiction, premeditated murders (including a suicide) and road accidents, taken together. Each 6 seconds one more person dies of smoking. What prevents many people to give up smoking? Answer: nicotinic dependence! Then smoking it's not a habit but the real dependence! The main reason why it is difficult to smokers to give up smoking, is the belief that when smoking they derive pleasure, enjoyment , support,  relaxation, etc. The smoker needs to realize that he is dependent and the more he will smoke, the dependence will be stronger! Smoking is a drug addiction.


The international day of smoking refusal (World No Tobacco day) is celebrated in the whole world on May 31. It is established by WHA42.19 (1988) resolution by World Health Organization. Many smokers decided to give up smoking, thanks to emphasis of public organizations to this day. You also should learn how to give up smoking without waiting for this day.
Day of smoking refusal (Great American Smokeout), established by the American oncological society (American Cancer Society), is celebrated also on the third Thursday since November, 1977. Considerable number of smokers decides to give up smoking these days.
The best way of giving up smoking is realized in the state Butane. Within fight against smoking since November 17, 2004 in this tiny state an absolute ban is imposed on sale of tobacco and smoking. Such radical step solved a problem with smoking on a root within one state.


At regular alcohol intake the dangerous illness – alcoholism develops. Alcoholism and drunkenness are hazardous to health, but they are curable. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, TAKE a STEP FORWARD. According to World Health Organization, alcohol is anyway guilty in premature death of every tenth man in the world age from 15 to 59 years. And they are not always direct participants of "an alcoholic chain" — but there can be its casual victims, as well as women beside them. Our mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends, darlings. And nobody thinks at all of stopping drinking. It is even more terrible when  the woman is drinking in a family: then her child has "to pay off the bills" . Female alcoholism, unfortunately, gives in to treatment much worse than the man's. Ponder upon this statistics. Feel their pain and sufferings. For this reason a question "how to stop drinking?" is set at all levels of our society. It is a global trouble. Though alcoholics often have to resolve this problem independently. And even more often it is to be done by their relatives whom they exchanged for alcohol. Remember:  the main companion of despair is ignorance!  We also will help you to cope with it if without having answered a question "how to stop drinking?" but having brought most close to its independent solution.

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Officially, at legislative level, the international day of fight against drunkenness and alcoholism isn't determined today.  Each country in its own way deals with this problem.  In the certain countries today in general the Prohibition, as a rule, is established- these are the countries with Muslim traditions.  In some states this day is a special day.
If the international day of fight against alcoholism was determined, it would help a lot to get rid of an addiction and to prompt how to stop drinking!!!


Drug addiction is the most dreadful disease struck all the globe. More and more people are caught in a terrible net of vice, trying to disappear by means of it from daily problems. PROTECT YOURSELF AND the RELATIVES FROM DRUGS. Growth rates of this disease terrify, and the statistics of mortality from drug addiction exceeds any existing disease. A lot of human lives are taken away by this illness. It is a way to a crime and prison, to death and despair. Drug addiction captivated the world of teenagers and every year gets younger. Parents who use drugs, do their children addicts too. Our future, our hopes are in hands of the people dependent of chemical preparations. Everyone likes to control their life. And it seems to the dependent person that he keeps everything under control, he needs just some time. But if he really could control his life, certainly he wouldn't have allowed himself to become an addict. The first and the most important step is to understand: anymore I can't completely control my life and the help is necessary to me. How to quit drugs? It is the main issue which torments not only addicts but also their close people.

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On June 26 all world community celebrates the International day of fight against abuse of drugs and their illicit trafficking. This date is determined by General Assembly of the United Nations on December 7, 1987 as a sign of expression of the determination in fight against abuse of drugs and creation of a society without drugs.
The international day of fight against drug addiction and drug trafficking is celebrated on March 1

Intention already creates, therefore your desire is the first, and, probably, the most important step to get rid of dependence. For someone the way to full refusal of dependence is hard, and sometimes even is insuperable. Someone can get rid of dependence without efforts and in the same way imperceptibly return to addiction again. This project aims to help you understand how to get rid of this dependence. For this purpose we collected a lot of information devoted to smoking, drug addiction and alcoholism and fight against all this at one resource  – in various sections of this site you can find texts and video records which surely will help you.

Our site is created for support of everyone who is just going to get rid of their addiction or already refused. The dependence doesn't disappear at once. It is proved that it is always concealed in subconsciousness of the person. Anyway, as practice shows, in the first months and even years it is very easy to fail again and return to former life. Our goal is to tell about all means and methods which will help you to cope with craving for smoking, alcohol and drugs, to warn against "one more last dose of pleasure". And your task is to listen to recommendations, and to become a free person not for days or months, but forever.

So how much time do we need to say that a person got rid of his addiction and the healthy lifestyle became a steady norm? Specifically an answer to this question doesn't exist. For someone it is year, and for someone – three. You will feel it. Here you won't mistake in any way. A new feeling of a superiority over the weakness will appear. When you can refuse with ease from the offered dose, and think at this moment not of this gesture, but in general of any unrelated things. To be indifferent, not to think of a dope in general. This feeling will definitely come. And then you will want to cry for the whole world: "Iii'm free!" Then it will be possible to tell that you achieved success. This moment will surely come. It is only necessary to believe in yourself.

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