Types of smokers

Types of smokers

In spite of the fact that the cigarette influence of the different people forms almost equally but it's also individual for every person. If a person understands the reasons why he smokes, it'll be clear what to do to give up this harmful smoking.

First of all he smokes to calm down, to concentrate, often do it tonight in the bed. This type of the smoker characterizes of the explosive emotions, often negative. He is a choleric or a melancholic, can be an artistic person. Quite possibly that this type of smoker is in need of specialist's help and individual assortment of vitamins and antianxiety drugs. He also has to refuse of the alcohol because in the human's body cigarettes and alcohol are connected almost genetically. The celebratory glass of the wine for this person can be the start-up of automatically program of actions (matches- cigarette-whiff). In the beginning he person even doesn't notice that he smokes again than he understands that he smokes, goes upset and starts to smoke intensively again.

The smoking for this type is only the kind of the rest. He feels satisfaction from the smoking process and often prefers the cigars or cigarillos like Hemingway or the pipe like Sherlock Holmes because he finds out it stylish. The smoking as a ritual is very important for the practical smoker (the coffee and the cigarette after dinner, the cognac and the cigar). This smoker often is a sanguine, strong-willed, resolute. He can be a successful businessman, officiary or politician. His own authority is only his person. The doctor's opinion doesn't play the important role. The hypnosis, the needle or psycho therapy doesn't work because this type used to believe only in himself. He gives up the harmful habit only if he decides. The hobby with intensive physical exercises will help him (climbing, maintain bike, diving, kite surfing, racing, rafting etc).В 

This type almost doesn't fell the satisfaction from his habit. First of all the smoking for him is a method of the communication. He begins to smoke not because of interest but "for a company", to be as his agemates. And he does it in early age. The communicative smoker at work doesn't miss any smoking brake not because of the smoking desire but because "it's usual". It's very important for him to communicate, to be in a talking company, he feels himself socially actual even if he keeps silence with the cigarette in the mouth. He is afraid to be alone, to feel unnecessary. The communication addicted people spend their time in Internet charts, online games etc, they escape the reality. They feel that they are "small crews". That's why when they give up smoking they shouldn't wait but find out some interesting hobby and surf it. Too long doubts bother them to act with decision. They takes they cigarette "for a company" and doesn't have the desire of smoking in the another situation. The can give up smoking easily but this type is suggestible and they are in need of the support.

Modern psychology has the meaning named "addictive person" that describes the person that is inclined to extra addiction to something. The object of this addiction doesn't mean. It can be shopping, food, computer games, TV programs, card games etc. Such activity brings to a person the satisfaction and that's why it pushes out the others. Step by step he escapes the reality and spend his time to this action the most part of time. It's going on because of the inner emptiness that he wants to fill something. The reason to give up smoking appears when the smoking leads to some problems: physiological, family, psychological etc. It doesn't mean that he feels god while smoking but feels bad without smoking, feels uncomfortable. This person feels the strong desire to smoke, aspiration in the stomach, dryness in the mouth, increased anxiety and nervousness. The desire of smoking is dominating under other thoughts. He can ask the unfamiliar people to give him the cigarette, call the neighbors in the night and search the tobacco, do the rolls from the cigarette butt. The smoker with the huge stage this strong desire as many times as many cigarettes he used to smoke. The smoker has to choose the clear living position to refuse such addiction. Any purpose for him is very important as the health, family, work etc. The problems can't stop the addictive smoker to reach the purpose, he solves them. However while reaching the purpose he has a free time and doubts and dissatisfaction as a result. Such feelings are the alarm signal that shows the mental emptiness. The person feels a laziness, boredom, destructive dissatisfaction about him and others, desire to rest and spend time with the cigarette. This person can't give up smoking without help. He is in need of long psychotherapy and rehabilitation (the process can be stretched for a long time). The psychologists advise to the addictive smokers to give up smoking like it's a play, "not serious" because the temptation to break the promise to himself and associates is too big. Also the distinct planning is very important. The addictive smoker is amenable to the hypnosis, emotionally reacts to the messages about negative consequences of smoking. He is the best targeted audience for the anti tobacco advertisement.

Kinesthetic learner
This type likes the process of smoking and becomes the smoker almost from the first whiff. The entourage has the huge value for him. He likes the affected lighters, unusual packs, different accessories from materials nice on the touch. As known the kinesthetic leaner feels all around by tactual sensation, he needs to touch everything. It brings him a physical satisfaction. This person gives up smoking only because of the threat of health or life. Methods reacts to the sense of touch like the drugs entailed the nausea, physiotherapy, needle therapy, SU JOK can call the disgust to the tobacco. The smoker has to have some sensitive substitution of the cigarettes. It can be a play station or another action that needs the work of hands like a knitting or designing. If the hands of kinesthetic learner are free and especially if he spends much time on meeting or computer table because this work is tire for him he will return to the cigarettes.

Such people often feel the desire to smoke by the association The serious addiction they don't have. If the person used to smoke while driving he will smoke if he begins to drive. The psychologists said that this type of smoking is the imitation of concentration. This type of smokers has to learn to abstract with the help of the physical exercises. The associative smoker has to change every 30-40 min of work or another actions with 10 min of physical exercises (stretch - 10-15 knee bending, exercises on body-builder, push-ups, chin-up) from the first day when the decision is accepted. The physical activity helps to kick about the thoughts of tobacco and alleviate the overall condition for 60-90 min. In the period of the quitting they need to eliminate the strong tea and coffee. The eating of big quantity of the vegetables and fruits fill the body with vitamins, rise the working capacity and keep a good mood.

The practitioners of the demonstrative living style has the desire of smoking that appears like a play with the cigarette. The addiction forms connected with the memories of with whom and what cigarettes they smoke, the beautiful design of cigarettes. It means that the his person looks great with the cigarette dominates in his mind. It's easy for this smoker to suppress the desire of smoking, he should create the better visuality. It's very important not to tease yourself and not to examine the psychological strength. You should remember that the desire to smoke hides in the inner space and ready to overtake the smoker's mind.

This people are sensitive, hurts they feel deep in their mind and never shows them. The basis of relaxing smoking is the illusive felling of happiness and peace after the cigarette. This smoker can fight the desire to smoke if he finds the supporter in some individual hobby. He should find the action (music, reading, chess, meditation) that will bring to him the feeling of calmness and security.

This smoker often feels nervous, he has the high sense of responsibility and that's why he needs something in his mouth to calm down. In this case the replacement therapy helps for those who wants to refuse smoking. A box with candies should be in the place where an ash tray usually is, in the pocket should be a bubble gum instead of cigarettes. The desire of smoking is easy to neutralize by tea or juice, apple or carrot. If he can switch over the attention to something else, he can give up smoking easily.

This type of smoking is considered to be an easy form of smoking addiction: the person smoker almost only under alcohol. The physiological feelings of nicotine in the body are not important for him but informal style of smoking is important. The smoker of this type is easily refuses the cigarettes. He should find out the way of self realization like antagonist of cigarette smoke or refuse the alcohol as provocative factor.

Chemically addicted
The chemical addiction from nicotine appears with long time smokers when the process addiction goes to addiction from the nicotine in blood. Usually the way and circumstances of nicotine entering to the body doesn't matter for him. This is the people who smokes 1.5-3 packs of cigarettes a day no matter of place and time, they can wake up in the night with the desire of smoking. This person has the thought that they want to smoke even in the process of smoking. This thought makes them to use the hypnosis or go the narcologist. Usually the doctor tells the patients about the terrible cough, headache, anxiety, depression or tears and psychological dissatisfaction in the first 3 days of the healing. In this days they shouldn't stay alone. They can go to the park, non-smokers' friends or buy something what you want or go the sauna etc.

This type of smokers is hard to identify as a group, they have too different reasons to smoke. The one equal reason is the smoking when they are tired. They need to bear up themselves. The nicotine in the cigarettes like other stimulators is not a source of energy but the body use the reserves of energy and doesn't fill it. The result is energetically sickness and overpressure. The reason of such desire to have the energy is the different level of physical activity that have different people. Some people always are active in the communication, plans and actions. Others are often tired, they can don't have energy even for routine. It's connected with the specifics of nervous system and metabolism or some psychological hurts that consequences was not heal in time. Later it can be connected with some diseases and also smoking. Sometimes it's a combination of some specifics. The smoking doesn't help to this people to solve their problems but gives the explosion of activity and tiredness after that. The diseases becomes harder because of smoking and it makes them more tired and in the bad mood. The smokers who need the energy have to consult the doctor who helps to choose the drugs for immunity and advises the healing and vitamins. Even the giving up of smoking will bring to a better health with time.

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