Alcohol, its history and ways of production

Alcohol, its history and ways of production

A word "alcohol" came from the Arabian language and in a translate means "dopey". The alcohol is learned by the scientists very good. The data about its harmful influence are stated in the reports of the sociological questioning, and becomes the sad medical statistics. In the many countries the problem of the alcoholism is sharp because of the easy access to the alcohol in the shops. Also everybody knows about its easy home production and the technologies and recipes are told from generation to generation. However many people doesn't know a very important thing. Why does the alcohol call a dangerous addiction?

Let's address to the science. The alcohol is the ethyl spirit that has the chemical formula C2H5OH in the clear or dilute substance. For us it's a colorless liquid that easy to know by its specific smell because of its fugacity. Also we know that the real spirit burns. However not everybody knows that the material that is used for a fuel, solvent and as a basis for disinfectant is also a material that is depressed the central nervous system.

It's hard to tell when the alcohol is appeared. The history of this "thief of the mind" has the age of more than 8000 years and some scientists said that it has appeared long before the beginning of A.D. after the creation of the ceramics. We have the facts that the human could do the alcohol when he didn't know how to do the fire. The pilot production of the spirit was created by the Arabs in 6-7 centuries and they give it the name "al-kuhul" that translates "white powder" by its principle of action as dopey. The first bottle of the vodka was made by Rages in 860 by distillation of the vine with the purpose to have the spirit and it worsen the alcoholism as mass thing. The historians thinks that it was the reason of the taboo of the alcohol in the Islam.

In the West Europe the production of heavy alcohol was started in the Middle Ages by the destillation of the vine. The Legend has it that the first time this drink was made and tried by the monk and alchemist Valentius. When he sobered up he said the discovered the wonderful remedy that makes the old man to be young and add the liveliness and strength. We can say that from this moment the active expansion of the alcohol in other countries begins from this moment.

In the basis of the ethyl spirit production is distillation of the fermentation products with natural concentration not more than 15% or the hydrolysis of the products that have the cellulose (for example, wood), this is the example of spirit production by bio materials. Also there is the industrial way that is the hydration of the ethyl spirit. The spirit that produced by the natural fermentation also has the air alcohol oxides and fusel oils. So the home production have this elements and we can't say about the value of the alcohol made by the natural products. It's hard to say about the scrupulousness of this materials clearing by the producers. Actually we can say that any clearing brings to the higher price.

The assortment of the alcohol, the differences in the taste, look or price don't change the main ingredients that are the water and spirit. It's easy to understand that the ingredient of addiction is not the water. Other ingredients are added to improve the taste or look, to reduce the price, to create the elite brand drinks and these all have the one purpose is to increase the product attractiveness on the market and competitive ability.

The main difference of all alcohol drinks that is the criteria of its qualification is the degree of alcohol that means the alcohol content in the percentagewise. This criteria helps to classify the alcohol to ferment (the low content of spirit) like beer or vine, the distil (the drinks that produced be distillation of drinks with the low content of spirit), the heavy drinks with the content of the spirit more than 40% and mixed drinks like different alcoholic cocktails.

The alcohol has such after-effects as the reduction of reaction and attention's speed, lack of coordination of muscle movements and mind by single use and the systematic use it leads to increasing risk of such diseases as cancer, stomach diseases, liver cirrhosis but the most dangerous is appearing of the abnormal changes as the alcoholism.

We often see the neighbors and friends that have the alcoholic addiction. But have you ever thought that this is the universal weapon from the whole country? The answer comes after the oversight of the statistics: 75 000 people died every year because of alcohol intoxication, more than 3 000 000 people have the alcoholism, over 50% of crimes were committed by drunk people, the age of drinker's death is 50-60 that means that life becomes shorter to 15 years.

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