Methods of treatment of nicotine dependence

There are over 100 methods of cure people for tobacco smoking. Their variety is surprising. Among them are psychotherapeutic and medicamental methods, as well as complex technical methods, based on the up-to-date achievements in science and technology. The detailed description even the most widespread of them would occupy thousands of boring sheets. Which one is better to choose? On this page you will find the most popular and effective methods from the existing.

Remember, the advertisement of many existing methods often declare, that this or that method is proved to be effective for more than 90 percent of recipients. It is not true! It would be true, if all the patients had a strong desire for quitting smoking. Indeed, the most of methods are effective only for 40 people from 100. At that, many of the cured people start smoking again after a certain period of time. It is sad, but true. Therefore it is important not to deceive yourself and your close ones. You should realize the danger, threatening you. It is absurd to inhale in your lungs the smoke, containing deathful substances - of your own free will.

Select your method:

- Method of Allen Carr: The easy way to stop smoking

- Method of Robert West: The Smokefree Formula

- The needle therapy

- Biomagnets Zerosmoke

- Vaccine against nicotine attraction

- Electronic cigarette

- Nicotine patches

- Nicotine gums and nicotine sprays

- Folk remedies against smoking

- Advice of Smokers Anonymous

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