The phases of intoxication

The alcohol intoxication is characterized by some symptoms. Depending on an alcohol concentration in blood, these symptoms are different. The alcohol intoxication can be divided into four phases.

The light phase of intoxication.

This phase becomes when the alcohol concentration in the human's blood is 0,1%. A person feels the light relaxing, comfort and euphoria. The mood is good, so called funny, everything seems to be better. The unpleasant moment is not important and the positive moments become more intensive in three times. Everybody becomes closer; the familiars seem to be the friends. The increased sense of self importance becomes. The person feels the desire to talk with the associates about his thoughts. And the person tries to seem better than he is. On this phase he is always right, if the person, with whom the drunk talks, have the another opinion, he is absolutely wrong. The person under alcohol intoxication thinks than he is funny and clever but in fact he is awkward and gossamer.

The medium phase of intoxication.

This phase becomes when the alcohol concentration in the human's blood is 0,2%. The coordination of moves is highly broken on this phase. The person's mood is changeable, he feels extremely different feelings, and the friend can turn into the enemy because of any unimportant detail. The phrase like "Do you respect me?" is usual for this phase. Such person becomes dangerous for the associates, behaves himself impetuously, the senses of danger and pain are numb. The intellect and attention are decreased in this phase. The majority of crimes are done in this condition.

The strong phase of intoxication

The alcohol concentration in blood is close to 0, 4%. The person's condition is close to comatose. The language becomes thick, the person muddles his words. As he can't normally speak, as his legs can't moves normally. The person can't go directly, he often falls down. The nervous system is also slowed down. The drunken person can't recognize the familiars, can't understand them. The condition of this person is often called "get rip-roaring drunk". The sleep mood is appeared. The person can fall down in any place and fall asleep.

The heavy phase of intoxication.

The alcohol concentration in human's blood is 0,6% and it's close to deadly dangerous. The deep layers' damage of the nervous system becomes. The person is in the condition of the alcoholic coma. The breath and heartbeat is broken. The person in this condition can die because of heart's or breath's stopping or can sob by vomiting. The full amnesia becomes. The person doesn't remember anything in the period of alcohol drinking.

The phases of alcoholism.

Clinically, there are four phases of alcoholism. They were described in details in 1967 by professor D. Fedotov.

The zero phase of alcoholism.

In this phase there is no disease. This moment calls home drinking. The person drinks by situation, often with his friends. He is not in need of continuing on the next day, he doesn't feel anxiety because of alcohol absence. Sometimes he can be drunk as a pig. This phase can be very long but everyday drinking in 6-12 months can bring to the second phase of alcoholism.

The first phase of alcoholism.

During this phase the tolerance to spirit drinks appears. The syndrome of psychological addiction to alcohol appears, good mood in the period of alcohol waiting. The desire of alcohol drinks appears in situations connecting with the ability to drink: family celebrations, professional holidays. This phase of disease often leads to the extreme irritation, aggression and even the loss of memory if the person is in the condition of alcohol intoxication. The person drinks until the medium or strong phase of intoxication. Step by step, he first phase goes into the second and rarely to the third without second phase.

The second phase of intoxication.

In this phase the addiction is more intensive, the desire to drink appears not only in celebration but without any reason. The need of periodical or lasting drinking is appeared. The periodical drinking leads to binge in few days or weeks. The person can't control the quantity of alcohol even after small dose of spirit drinks. Often he behaves himself unpredictable and even dangerous in the condition of alcohol intoxication. The level of person is decreasing, the art abilities are losing, the intellect is weakening. The person becomes the psychopath, appears the crazy ideas of jealousy. The period of the second phase is 5-15 years.

The third phase of alcoholism.

The person drinks the alcohol almost every day and becomes drunk from the smaller doses, the tolerance to alcohol is decreased, and the absence of control is often leads to fatal overdose. The full degradation of the person and inconvertible changes of psyche become. The nervous system is also inconvertible changed. The long lasting hallucinations are appeared. The inconvertible damages of internal organs are appeared.

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