The naswar is dangeruos for you life!


The naswar (niswar) is the mix of the tobacco or plant named nas, alkalies (calcium hydroxide), ash of plants, oil, spices. Sometimes it has the chicken's brood, camel's excrements or marihuana. The look of the naswar describes different. Sometimes the naswar is the green balls, others describes it as the brown powder. The fresh naswar looks like the green, big seeds, the old naswar is almost black powder. Some makers don't granulize it and sell as a powder.

Earlier the naswar was made as the little spots, then was made as the sticks that producers create after the mass is going through a mincing machine. Everything have the evidences of a mass production. The naswar becomes popular and easy to buy drug.

The naswar is not produced at the factories. Its production is organized at home (it's hard to find out such quantity of the chicken's brood or camel's excrements in the another place). The naswar is easily sold in the Asian world.

The naswar is put under a cheek or lip.

The alkaklies, that naswar has, change the PH and increase the absorption of the nicotine through a mouth.The huge quantity of the saliva is allotted that should be spitted out. The entering of such saliva into the stomach can bring a nausea and diarrhea. The effect by using the naswar is the easy relaxing, giddiness, cloud in the eyes, shaking in the arms or legs. The effect is continuing about 7 min.

In the last time the naswar becomes popular by the pupils and it calls the anxiety.

The using of naswar is strongly affects to a physical health and calls a worsening of memory, deflection in psychological development, diseases of the mucous membrane of mouth, larynx, stomach, the higher risk of oncology, dental diseases. Established that people that using the naswar has the oncology in 80% more often than usual people.

Also these people's genital function is broken because the production of the sperm is stopped. The Institute of Medical Problems of National Science Academy of Kyrgyzstan made a research of the influence of the using the naswar to the men's genital function. The director of the Institute, Doctor of Medicine Rakmanbek Toychuev said: "The doctors knows about the harm of the naswar to the body in the theory. We made first system toxicological research of 50 men of the reproductive age of Osh district and Kara-Suy district that visit the doctor with the problem of infertility". The harm from the using of the naswar doesn't depend on the time of the using. The naswar can affect from the first time, it depends on the specifics of the body. The biggest danger of the using the naswar is the production of sperm is stopped, the reproductive function is broken and the chances of its relieve is too small, almost no chances.

Of course, we shouldn't forget about the nicotine addiction from the using of naswar. In fact, the naswar is not a substitute of the nocotine, it's the same tobacco that brings the harm to the body. And you shouldn't be deceived by the smaller doze of the nicotine that can't resolve the problem. The users of naswar compensate the problem by changing of mix's ingredients and its quantity. The difference is the nicotine smoke affects to the lungs but the naswar affects to the musous membrane of the mouth and stomach.

The thesis of the naswar

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