The harm of alcoholic cocktails

The harm of alcoholic cocktails

A cocktail is a drink prepared by mixing of liquids. Its name have appeared about 200 years ago and receives its meaning "cock's tail" from the american tradition to offer the visitors drinks after successful cock's fight, so called "On the Cock's tail". The cocktail drink that usually has not more than ingredients plays by different colors and looks like cock's tail.

The alcoholic cocktails are very popular by young people. Owing to the fact that they have different additives they have unusual taste and girls like them. The cocktails' drinking by teenagers is in fashion and they are considered to be the club's drinks. Everything is funny and dynamic, the music plays and there is no desire to drink strong alcohol or wine and in this moments on the bar's stage appears the beautiful glasses with the drink of amazing color with lemon on it or cherry inside. That's what we need! So, everything begins from the first glass and the next time appears the desire to try others like "Mojito" or "Blue lagoon" (its names have the great PR because of advertisement and cinema and it also plays important role). So, unnoticeable appears the addiction to alcohol. The addiction also have the psychological moment because cocktail's drinking associates with fun, clubs and bars' visiting, communication and flirt, joy etc, other words, with the life that is full of colors. According to the last research, 52 % of adult people think that alcoholic drinks with vodka, rum, whisky and other strong drinks learn the teenagers to drink and it is one of the reason of alcoholism. Approximately 54 % of 8 grade's pupils and 90% of 11 grade's pupils drink the alcohol. The statistics is too high.

The main drinkers of cocktails are the young people who are not adult. The doctors noticed that children that were brought up on carbonated drinks easy begin to drink alcoholic cocktails that have the similar taste.

The research also showed that because of the fruit additives and carbon dioxide the alcoholic drinks are considered by teenagers as harmful and that's why 92 % of adults ask for printing on the bottles the warning labels about alcohol in it. The majority of elder people also protect the entering of severe limits of such drinks' advertisement that is purposed primary for young people. But the danger that have the usual alcoholic cocktails is nothing as against the harm of "light" cocktails in cans different "Gin and Tonic" or "Screwdriver" and alcoholic energy drinks (Strike, Jaguar, Red Devil etc) and others. The colorful cans that promise to consumer unbelievable mix of gin, whisky, vodka with the fruit carbonated additives and they can be easy found in any kiosk. In fact, the cocktails in cans are far from its original prototypes in bars as the brandy spirits from cognac. If the last drink is natural and noble alcoholic drink, so the brandy spirits is the mix of spirit, water, cheap fragrances and dye. And if we add more water and sugar in this mixture we can get the cocktail in can. These cocktails are as popular by teenagers as a beer.

The mix of sugar, carbon dioxide and alcohol is very unsuccessful and harmful. These components intensify the absorption of each other. As the result our body has the double harm: the alcohol makes influence to our brains and sugar makes influence to the pancreas (the one can has 5-6 sugar lumps). It's too much for human's body, especially for young body. The using of so much sugar in mix with ethanol, and dyes can lead to diabetes of second type, worsening of physical shape and health.

They have not only alcohol but also many different synthetic chemical elements that increase the destroying of body and some of them are even more dangerous than alcohol. The more the drink have the chemical elements, the harder it is for body.

There are few of chemical elements that have the cocktails in cans:

The sodium benzoate (E 211) that is according to the last research can lead to changes in DNA (as a variant of genie weapon that is focused to our future), can be the reason of cancer or Parkinson's disease.

The dye "red charming" (E129) that is according to scientists' opinion is carcinogene (can be the reason of cancer), it is prohibited in 9 European countries.

The carbon dioxide is also used as conservative and leads to faster absorption of other drink's ingredients.

The caffeine mobilizes the body to waste the energy and leads to addiction. Some people who likes the coffee can agree that they can't without it.

To the group of "beer's drunkards" we can also add the group "Gin and Tonic's" and they are primary children, teenagers and young people. It's easy to addict to cocktails, especially for young children's body. The producers of such drinks doesn't talk a lot, they only print that they don't recommend to drink more than one can a day and sick people and pregnant women. However, teenagers don't have the limit of one can of cocktail, they usually drink2 or 3 and 8-10 cans in the club as normal.

The can's alcoholism is not only teenagers' trouble but they are popular by the housewives and often quite rich. The women of medium ages, without work, during the buying of products in the supermarkets stock up on light alcoholic cocktails, their dose begins from one or two can and becomes more and more. The poison in colorful can in the next time is finished faster and faster and the addictive women begin to drink stronger alcohol. The trouble is the person goes to alcoholic addiction unnoticeable. Many people thank that cocktails are harmful and don't agree that they have alcoholic addiction. But there are more and more people have addiction to cans.

The consequences of drinking alcoholic stimulators by its symptoms are similar with the using of psycho drugs (regular headaches, tachycardia, dysfunction of digestive tract, psychosis). Also we should remember the taste of such drinks are reached by the taste amplifier that is the very harmful additive.

The people on the diet should know the quantity of calories that they use with alcoholic cocktails, by the way, the cocktails have a large quantity of calories. The people wake up after the night of drinking cocktails not only with hangover but also fatter. Some people on the diet eliminate the sweet and fat food from menu but easily drink alcoholic cocktails. However, not everybody knows that the cocktails are dangerous for waist. The "liquid" calories are not less dangerous as any others. When the person drink he doesn't feel the stomach is full and also to its digestion the body almost doesn't waste the energy as in the time of other's food digestion more than 10 % of energy goes to digestive process.

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