Methods of treatment of alcoholism

First of all we would like to say that when we are talking about alcoholism healing we should understand that alcoholism is not a flu. It's impossible to take a medicine and becomes healthy. There are such meaning as "methods" is conditional. Any method in the alcoholism healing is the first step, the alcoholic addictive person really cure himself. Alcoholic can be cured only if he changes himself and his attitude to life. That's why any method of alcoholism healing is the first step, the first stair in the way to recovery and not more.

Don't believe if somebody will tell you fast and easy methods. And even if you see the diplomas, certificates, different recommends of satisfied clients or colorful advertisement of foreign medicinal products. If the fast and easy method exists so we will not see broken lifes because of alcoholism. You should remember that unsatisfied and expensive efforts kill the petient's believe in medicine, decrease the probability of recovery and make the patient to refuse from the fight.


- Method of Allen Carr: The easy way to stop drinking

- Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for alcoholism

- Rational group psychotherapy. Twelve-step program

- Conditioned reflex therapy of alcoholism

- Folk medicine against alcoholism and hard drinking

- Technology of the 25th frame

- 10 methods to overcome the hangover

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