Smoking and pregnancy

Smoking and pregnancy

The number of the smoking women is rapidly increasing every year. Girls begin to smoke in earlier age without thinking about their future maternity. Woman knows that the smoking is harmful for her and her future baby. So why doesn't she give up smoking? The answer is that the women don't actually know the huge harm of the smoking for the pregnancy and the baby's development. What is going on with the body of the smoking woman, when does this long-awaited moment of pregnancy come?

It's clear that different complications are waiting of this woman. They can be divided to the mother's body complications, the embryo complications, the fetus complications, the newborn complications and the complications that appear during child's life. The complications of the mother's body are similar with those that we were identified in the article about smoking influence for human body plus the changes that are going in the pregnant woman's body.

The mother's body, fetus and uterine cake are the single device and if we affect to one of its part it'll affect to the whole device. The nicotine, carbon monoxide, resins and even some radioactive materials from cigarettes penetrate from pregnancy woman's body to the fetus across the uterine cake. The concentration of these materials in the body of fetus is higher than in the woman's blood!

What harm does it bring?

For the smoking mothers the probability of abortion makes 22-41%, while for the non-smokers makes 7,4%.

Some scientists consider that mother's smoking can be the reason of the baby's malignant tumors.

According the statistics, the smoking during the period of pregnancy increases the probability of its unfavorable final in 2 times!

The pregnant women with the asthma and continuing to smoke considerably increase the risk of complications for them and their future children. Asthma and smoking are the reasons of the higher risks. They can have such complications as the parturient canal's bleeding before child's birth, urinary tract infections, premature rupture of the foetal membrane, low birth weight and premature birth.

14% of premature birth is the cause of the pregnancy smoking.

The number of death during birth and deadborns when the woman smokes is higher to 40%.

The smoking mothers have endometrial growth impairment of body during the whole period of pregnancy.

The smoking women also have anemia of fetus.

The smoking women during pregnancy have the higher risk of child birth with a crossed eyes on 26% in average than non-smoking mothers.

The smoking of mother during pregnancy violates the process of the natural fetus development and it's the reason the lower amount of the produced spermatozoa for their sons in their future life.

The smoking mothers leave their future children with no posterity. The cigarette smoke have the carcinogenic materials that kill the girl's healthy eggs, the boys can have some problems with the potency. So you can have no grandchildren and you your children won't be grateful to you.

The smoking women's children have not only the body's growth impairment but also intellectual including emotional. They begin to read and count later.

The probability of child's birth with the harelip or the cleft palate is higher if the woman smokes.

The probability of cesarean operation is higher up 2-3 times if the mother smokes because of the uterine cake attaches lower and it doesn't give the ability to the child to be born naturally. The quantity of the non-smoking mothers' children that doesn't have the breast feeding is only 7,1% but if the mother smokes it makes 23,4%.

The smoking mothers' children more often enter to the hospital with bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.

And if the mother also likes to drink alcoholic drinks the consequences can be more terrifying.

After the delivery nicotine slows down hormone development prolactin, chest milk stimulating allocation, thus concentration of nicotine in milk almost three times above, than in blood of mother. As under the influence of a tobacco smoke in milk the quantity of hormones, vitamins and antibodies decreases;

For the child one hour is equal in the smoked room to smoking of ten cigarettes. The child inhales more than a tobacco smoke, than the adult as makes twice more than respiratory movements in a minute. Remember that it is necessary to dilute a tobacco smoke with pure air in 384000 times that it became safe for breath of the child.

Dear women, do you need such problems? May be better to give up this terrible habit then feel guilty for all your life?

The harmless quantity of cigarettes doesn't exist. The best way is to give up smoking long before you plan to become a mother. If the woman doesn't give up this harmful habit before her pregnancy she has to do it when the pregnancy comes. The doctors made the researches that proved that if the woman gives up smoking before 16 weeks of pregnancy she will bear the healthy child like non-smoking woman. If the pregnancy comes the woman shouldn't be near smoking people because passive smoking is also dangerous. The risk of deadborn's birth increase in to 2 times if the father also smokes. That's why the pregnant woman has to talk with the child's father about his giving up smoking. If he can't do it he shouldn't smoke when she is near. If you are working with smoking people in the same cabinet you can ask to change your place of work and position. You have this right by law. You should try to avoid the places full of the cigarette smoke.

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