The technology of the 25th frame in the fight with addictions

The technology of the 25th frame in the fight with addictions

The 25th frame is the procedure than makes influence to the mind and inner space by the insert to the video sequence of the latent information with the using of the additional frames.

In 1957 the unemployed advertisement consultant James Vicary makes acquaintance with the newest technological development named tachistoscope (the device that creates the light flashes with the frequency 1/60 000 seconds). He learns the matter deeper and finds out that this frequency is not fixed by the consciousness. Vicary decides to use this effect in the advertising and sooner sends out his "know-how" to the all big advertising agencies. In his enclosed documents he describes ostensibly experiments in the cinemas where the inserted 25th frame with the words "Drink Coca-Cola" is increased the sales of the drink. And it was the first mention of the 25th frame.

The boom had the great American amplitude, there films about the 25th frame, the TV programs, the problem is widely discussed in the society. However, in 1958 the American Psychological Association makes the official claim in which it dispels the myth about the 25th frame. In 1962 the author of the method James Vicary admitted that the experiments that confirm the influence were false.

However, the later researches showed that subliminal influence in the particular circumstances works. The information should be masked in the stream of the running letters and digitals and should be appeared for the time more than 1/25 (according to the data of New Scientist magazine).

Today, the using of the subliminal advertisement is prohibited in some countries. In the Russian legal system the using of the 25th frame and other latent inserts is prohibited ONLY for the advertising purposes. In the other fields except advertising (the using of the 25th frame for the learning of foreign languages, liquidation of the nicotine or alcoholic addiction, excess weight with the help of the 25th frame) the legal system of the Russian Federation does not limit the using of the 25th frame.

The idea is that the sight as it is said can differentiate not more than 24 frames per second (in fact it depends on edge definition and move's speed of the objects on display). That's why, the another frame, that is showed less than 1/24second makes influence to the inner space without mind.

The 25th frame looks the following way. In the usual art (or relaxing with the pictures of nature) picture is inserted the frame with the one or several key phrases and this frame is repeated regularly. The picture begins and every second this phrase is repeated. For example, it can be like that "I like living without alcohol". Step by step this phrase becomes brighter, less noticeable, it's seems that it doesn't exist there but in fact it exists. Per one minute of the watching the patient sees 60 phrases, per ten minutes 600, that go to the inner space. The authors of this method said that the efficiency of this method is about 95%. This method also helps to loose the nicotine and other addictions.

The prices to the production of the 25th frame are different from several hundred to several hundred thousand dollars.

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