Method of Allen Carr: The easy way to stop smoking

Method of Allen Carr: The easy way to stop smoking

Allen Carr was born in London. He started smoking in 1952, at the age of eighteen. Allen Carr smoked about hundred cigarettes a day, but managed to get rid of this bad habit. Finally he stopped smoking in 1983, at the age of 49. Carr created a network of Easyway clinics, where he helped smokers to leave off smoking.

METHOD “The easy way to stop smoking”

The book of Allen Carr differs from other books, devoted to the question of smoking, first of all by its goal. It seems that all the publications against smoking have the only aim – to make the person give up a bad habit. Although, the author of this book thinks the primary goal here is to create a special mood, so that you feel at once overfilled with joy, as if you have cured of the awful disease. This way the method of Carr differs from usual methods of quitting smoking, when you have to fight with the feeling, as if you are climbing the Everest, and live the several following weeks longing for a cigarette and envy the smokers.

“The easy way to stop smoking” is a best-seller. It helped a lot of people in the world to give up smoking. Of course, it didn’t help to everyone. There are people, who were disappointed quite a lot by the content of the book. Who knows, what they hoped to find in this book, while it doesn’t contain any revelations for sure. This book is compiled of the common well-known facts.

Why then it does work? Why people, who lost hope of quitting smoking, who had tried lots of methods before, suddenly forgot of their addiction to smoking forever?

It is very easy to explain – they have believed the author. Yes, he has found nothing new for them, but still he opened their eyes for many of the things. How is it possible? Do read the book, and you will understand. What is important - get out your skepticism. The book helps only those, who believe its miracle, who reads it to give up a bad habit, and not to dispose of the author’s postulates. You don’t need to argue with the author, take his words for granted. And then you will succeed without fail. The positive experience of many readers of “The easy way to stop smoking” – is the best evidence of their success.

The author proves that smokers don’t really enjoy the process of smoking. They need a cigarette to overcome unpleasant symptoms, appearing as nicotine goes out of their bodies. Smoking is the only way to feel ok for a smoker, while a non-smoker can normally feel the same without cigarettes. According to the opinion of Allen Carr, the man doesn’t need any strength of will to overcome what he doesn’t feel like doing. The author’s efforts are directed at fighting against fear and anxiety, which are the typical feelings of a smoker, visiting him any time he thinks to give up smoking. The Carr’s book is provided with the answers on many questions, asked by a smoker. These answers are illustrated by lots of striking examples from the own experience and life.

Many people think that the author uses NLP techniques, which help to achieve high results of the method. According to statistics, the lectures and books of Allen Carr have helped 25 million of people to stop smoking, including such celebrities as football player Gianluca Vialli and actor Anthony Hopkins. This book is especially helpful for sensitive people. A good method, used by the author, is endless repetition. He constantly repeats the same information: with different shades, in different ways, trying to find an individual approach to everyone. It is really one of the easiest and effective methods of quitting smoking. All you need is to read the book, and you will never want to smoke again. The most important here is to read it to the end, don’t stop in the middle of the book. The effect may appear in the middle or at the end of the book; all depends of one’s suggestibility.

Carr puts us on the simple true – by leaving off smoking, the man doesn’t sacrifice anything, but acquires. It seems to be so easy, but the understanding of that fact is not easy to everyone.

Of course, nobody knows, what will be tomorrow. But we can change our life right now. And Allen Carr offers the easy way to do it. All we need is to believe him and have no doubt about our abilities.

Where can you find this book? Of course, on the web. You may download it in text format or mp3 version.

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