What is Angostura

What is Angostura

Angostura, Venezuela, a strong alcoholic beverage made by infusion in alcohol extracts of the rind of an orange, or chinotto — evergreen woody plants, roots of gentian, ginger and pharmacy dyagel, the bark of the Cinchona tree and medicinal galipea, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, Garganta, cinnamon, flowers, Muscat and sandalwood. Angostura is a fragrant bitter tincture of brownish-red color. The strength of the drink is 45% vol. The exact recipe for the production of Angostura kept secret.

Do not confuse this drink with the same name rum, which is also produced by the house of Angostura.

The history of the drink begins with the 19th century. Angostura was first prepared in 1824 in the Venezuelan city of Angostura by Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert, a military surgeon of the Bolivian army. It is assumed that Siegert took advantage of the knowledge of local Indians in the field of herbal medicine. Preparation of the drink lasted for four years. Four years of trial and error, research and analysis of the characteristics of tropical plants and herbs, subsequently brought the doctor a unique combination. In 1830, Dr. Siegert began to produce medicinal drink for commercial purposes. He exported it to England and Trinidad. At the time of Dr. Siegert's death in 1870, Angostura's reputation was strengthened around the world. In the period from 1873 to 1879 Angostura conquered Europe and the United States.
Now Angostura is produced by several manufacturers, but the main of them — the company House of Angostura, registered in Trinidad and Tobago.

Due to the high concentration of bitterness and a large strength ( about 45 degrees), Angostura is usually used in small doses. Just a few drops are enough to give the cocktail a unique aroma and taste. Angostura is also actively used in cooking as a spice additive in the preparation of various main courses and confectionery.

Harm Angostura: Perhaps this is one of not many alcoholic drinks, which brings more good, than harm. And when used in small doses, a few drops of the drink. Angostura is an excellent antipyretic, normalizes the stomach. Tonic properties Angostura makes it a perfect cure for a hangover.

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