What is the Arak

What is the Arak

Arak is a strong alcoholic drink, a product of discription, common in the middle East, Central Asia, South-Eastern Europe, India, the Islands of Sri Lanka and Java. Depending on the country and region varies in strength, raw materials and manufacturing procedure. The strength of the drink varies from 30 to 60% vol. Called a drink of Arak, Arak, Arch, and even Arica.

For the first time Arak was made about 300 years ago, but where exactly is unknown. After all, every Eastern people consider Arak a national drink, which appeared in his country.

Raw materials can be very different: milk (like Mare and cow), rice, figs, plums, grapes, dates, banana, palm juice, etc.the Main component of Arak is aniseed essential oil, which gives a mixture of Arak with water (or ice) characteristic matte color. This is a small list of the basics and can vary depending on the country and the specific place of preparation of ARAK. Given this diversity in the choice of raw materials a variety of beverage options, ARAK there is a great many.

In the countries of the East, where Arak is a national drink it is customary to drink, diluting some of the cold water. It can be used as an aperitif for "warming up" before the main course, and during the meal. Snacks can be fruit, nuts, or traditional Arab cuisine couscous. In the Mediterranean, it is almost always drunk as an aperitif.

Arak unaccustomed person may seem rare stuff. Especially in diluted form. Imagine strong drink, hard, smelling of anise, and when diluted with water receiving white milky color.

The most famous and the best varieties of Arak can be considered such as Batavia-Arrak with Java, Siam-Arrak (Siamese), as well as Goa-Arrak (East Indian) and Ceylon (Ceylon).

Harm Arak: it all depends on the quality of purification of the drink. After all, Arak is cooked not only on an industrial scale, but also at home. And the worse it is cleared of impurities, the more fusel oils and aldehydes. But even a well-cleaned Arak is not good for health. It should be remembered that the basis of any alcoholic beverage - ethyl alcohol. Well of all the dangers we have already mentioned.

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