What is bambuze

What is bambuze

Bambuze Indonesian bamboo strong alcoholic drink. As raw materials use alcohol from the seeds of the bamboo, varieties that have the quality of rich earing. The problem is that bamboo blooms very rarely, usually once in 20-25 years. Therefore, the raw material for the preparation of Bambuze get not regularly. The selection of raw materials takes place quite carefully and this alcoholic drink is treated by the Indonesian people with great respect. This strong drink is often called bamboo vodka.

Bambuze is prepared by distillation, that is, this distillation process is more precise evaporation of the appropriate liquid at a subsequent certain cooling with condensation of the resulting alcoholic vapors. Usually Bambuze passes double careful distillation, however the content of wood (methyl) alcohol remains, probably, it also does such vodka unique and important at certain ceremonies in Asia.

Bambuze is used as a ritual drink during special holidays and ceremonial rituals of the peoples of South-East Asia. The fact is that the technology does not provide cleaning of Bambuze from harmful impurities, among which there are hallucinogens, so the use of Bambuze can cause hallucinations.

Bambuze and residents of other countries also fell. In America even, there are a number of bars having the same name, that is Bambuze. There as an exclusive you can try this bamboo vodka.

Bambuze's harm is obvious. Due to the fact that cleaning of Bambuze from harmful impurities is not made, it is used in very small quantities. Otherwise, you can get a very serious mandrel. Also, the presence of methyl alcohol in Bambuze can lead to irreversible consequences in the body. It adversely affects the nervous and vascular systems, and can lead to blindness. With a significant overdose, a fatal outcome is also possible.

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