What is beherovka

What is beherovka

Becherovka (Czech. Becherovka) - Czech strong alcoholic drink, infused with more than 20 medicinal herbs and produced by technology, remains unchanged since 1807. The drink comes from Karlovy vary. The fortress of Becherovka varies according to grade from 20 to 39%.

Becherovka owes its name to the Karlovy vary pharmacist of German origin, Josef Vitus Becher, who began to sell this drink in 1807. Business began to flourish. The liqueur Joseph kept in strict confidence and is only after many years has decided to tell it to his son Johann. In 1841, his son, Johann Becher, opened beverage production on an industrial basis.

Of course, the recipe for tincture is still a mystery. It is known only that it includes more than 20 species of Czech and imported herbs. Herbs are poured into bags of natural canvas, which are immersed in containers filled with alcohol, and left there for about a week. Then the extract is poured into special oval oak barrels, where it is mixed with Karlovy vary water and sugar. Barrels are made by hand, they have a characteristic flattened shape, which should increase the contact of the tree and the liquid. In the cellars with a special temperature barrels are still 2-3 months. This time is enough to get the desired result, as "beherovka" is not one of those drinks that require a long maturation. The people this drink is referred to as the "Prague spring No. 13" due to the fact that it is done only at the Karlovy vary water.

Becherovka is poured into small glasses and is usually served before dinner or late evening. Mostly drink it alone with nothing stirring, though some added to tea or coffee. Beherovka is the basis for a variety of cocktails, especially the popular cocktail — a mixture of beherovka tonic (may also add lemon), popularly called beton (concrete).

Today, the plant produces several varieties of liquor:
Becherovka Original fortress 38% vol., made according to the traditional recipe of 1807.
Becherovka Lemond, fortress 20ob., the mildest liqueur flavored with citrus.
Becherovka Cordial fortress 35% vol., with addition of lime blossom.
Becherovka KV14 fortress 39% vol., red aperitif.
15 KV Becherovka — a liqueur with the addition of red wine. Alcohol-40% vol. (no longer available).

Harm Becherovka: About the dangers of the drink say it is not very appropriate, as it was originally made as a medicine for stomach. Undoubtedly, the composition of herbs which is contained in beherovka beneficial effect on the body, but only if taken in doses of medication. In this case it causes secretion of gastric juices, stimulates appetite and helps digestion. In other cases, beherovka-an alcohol that does more harm than good. So keep your dosage.

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