What is boonekamp

What is boonekamp

Boonekamp - a strong alcoholic drink, nastaivalsya on the roots, crusts, herbs and berries, only 36 to 52 components. Part boonekamp includes a large number of various, including exotic components such as anise, fennel, licorice, trifol ' (watch trilistnaja), semolina Krupa, Valerian, wormwood, poplar buds and other components. The strength boonekamp from 40 to 49%. it all depends on the variety. The drink has a dark brown color, a bittersweet taste.

Boonekamp the story begins with the end of the 18th century in the Netherlands. The author of the drink was pharmacist Boone Kamp. He insisted a mixture of herbs on the gene and called it boonekamp. He later sold his recipe to the company AM Freres Antwerp. Manufacturers have varied the compositions of the herbal blends, so boonekamp became a General term for their tinctures. Today boonekamp is made by many producers in Holland and Germany.

Originally boonekamp used as a tincture for the treatment of gastric diseases. To date, this alcoholic drink is mainly added to cocktails, tea and coffee. While some prefer to drink it in its pure form.

Harm boonekamp: Use in not medical purposes, and in large doses will cause damage to the body. The composition of alcohol in the drink from 40 to 49% speaks for itself. Take care of your health and do not abuse.

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