What is Boukha

What is Boukha

Boukha - strong alcoholic beverage produced in Tunisia. In the manufacture of Boukha processes used fermentation and subsequent simple distillation. For the manufacture of Braga used in the distillation process is used Fig. The people drink is called figs, or Tunisian vodka. The strength of the drink is 36-40% vol.

Where was the name of Boukha: the local Jewish-Arab slang Boukha means " a couple of alcohol." Local guides like to joke that this Boukha is Russian word boukhat. In fact, the word "boukhat" comes from the name of cups and mugs for alcoholic beverages produced by the plant name Boukharin.

There is no exact information about when and how this drink appeared. But, since the process of its production is not complicated, it can be concluded that the production of Boukha local population has been engaged for a long time. Originally it was a normal brew, is distilled from a mash made from figs. Figs or Fig tree is considered the oldest plant on earth, and it gives the drink a certain importance in relation to other drinks. Industrial production of Boukha was founded by Abraham Bokobsa in 1870 in the distillery " La Soukra "near Tunisia, he also founded the company, which today is the main producer of Boukha — "Bokobsa". Alcohol in Tunisia sells the state, in state stores. Thanks to the state monopoly, fake Boukha is virtually excluded.

In the hotels of Tunisia's tourists, as a rule, give Buch is not the best quality, therefore, to assess the quality of the drink can only be bought at the state store.

There are several brands of drink. Among them are Boukha gold, Boukha l'oasis, Boukha Bokobsa, Boukha Bokobsa Cuvee Prestige, Boukha Salts. The latter is more prestigious.

The drink has a delicate flavor of figs. Though Boukha and strong drink, to drink it easily and gently, leaving the Fig in the finish. It is used in pure form as an aperitif, served chilled or at room temperature. Boukha is also the basis for some cocktails, it can be mixed with fruit juice and added to fruit salads to enhance flavor.

Like any alcoholic drink Boukha harms the entire human body. The active component of Boukha-ethanol - is quickly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, penetrating into the human brain, making contact with nerve cells. The consequences of long-term alcohol consumption are always negative, starting with seemingly harmless memory failures and ending with serious diseases, and even death.

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