What is Chacha

What is Chacha

Chacha is a strong spirit drink produced by the method of discrazii from grapes and grape otzhimok (that is, the residue of grapes after his scrap obtained in the process of making wine) in the countries of the Northern Caucasus (Georgia, Abkhazia, Adjara). There is both home (artisanal) and industrial production Chacha, recipes of which vary. Chacha from grapes refers to various mission brandy. Related chacha are the Italian Grappa and the South Slavic rakija.

The main raw materials-grapes and pomace varieties Rkatsiteli, Isabella and Kachich. Surpasses two, at least once. The resulting grape alcohol strength of 70 to 80 degrees diluted with water (at home and can not dilute) to the norm and bottled. Some varieties are kept in oak barrels. When distilling Chacha-in contrast, for example, from cognac — not cut neither the first nor the last portion of alcohol. Due to this almost lossless remains tart flavor of grape seeds and skins, but at the same time the drink gets the entire range of fusel oils.They have to fight through a variety of filters and absorbents — burnt bones to milk.

It should be noted that in the North Caucasus, any fruit moonshine produced not only from grapes, but also from figs, persimmons, citrus fruits or tutu (mulberry buttocks) can also be called a chacha.

The beginning of production of Chacha goes back centuries. Its chacha, whose recipe is known only to this genus - the Keeper of family traditions, is produced in villages, almost every yard so far, and the secret is passed on from generation to generation for a Millennium.

The quality of the cooked Chacha winemakers tested the original way: pouring a little Chacha in the bowl, the winemaker dips her finger in it, and then ignites it — if Chacha is completely burned and not burned finger, then the quality of the drink is good, and it can be confidently called a chacha.

Chacha is usually consumed in its pure form. It is also used for making various cocktails with the addition of fresh fruit and ice. In peasant Georgia, a small chacha chacha is traditionally taken to drink in the morning, especially in cold weather. In Western Georgia, chacha eat sweet, and in the East — pickles. In Abkhazia chacha traditionally used as an aperitif, now increasingly as the main drink of informal feasts, especially in winter.

The greatest harm to the body can cause incorrectly cooked Chacha. The composition of the drink fall harmful fusel oils, this is primarily due to the production process. If you do not produce the correct stonecrop Chacha, all of them will be in your body and cause irreparable damage.
Do not forget also about the strength of the drink. The greater the strength the more is burned mucosa in the use of Chacha. Chacha has a delicate aroma of the original grapes and a very mild taste, and therefore easy to drink, but usually it is a stronger drink (55-60% vol.) than most types of brandy that should be considered when dosing.

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