Conditioned reflex therapy of alcoholism

Conditioned reflex therapy of alcoholism

The matter of this method is the appearing of conditioned-reflex reaction as vomit to the taste or smell of the alcohol, the heartbeat disorder, dizziness, high sweatiness and other changes of the vegetative reactions.

Today, there are several dozens of the patterns that give the opportunity to reach such effect. However, the main core is unchangeable. There three main ingredients: the phyto (the brew from the grass fir clublike, ipecacuanha, thymus serpyllum), the medical pills (for example, the injections of the apomorphine) and small doses of the alcohol. The additional ingredients can be added in the phyto healing like John's-wort, thyme, melilot, pepper mint, root of angelica, juniper berry, absinth, leaf of the blackcurrant, milfoil.

The wide use among the medical pills have the medicine apomorphine (apomorphine's hydrochloride). The appearing of the vomit reflex begins from the choice of the optimal vomiting dose of the apomorphine). There are 0.2-0.3 ml of 1% fluid is entered subdermal in the beginning and step by step the dose is increased to 0.1-0.2 ml until the necessary after those the first symptoms of the vomit is appeared. The patient in this period should smell the alcohol and just before vomit it is recommended to drink a small dose of it. Thehealingisheldeverydayoreveryotherday. Thetherapytreatableis 20-25 seances. This method is the most effective by the patients of the first phase and especially by women that usually bear the vomit hardly and react to the medical seance with disgust.

The additional effect this mathod gives to the people who have the overweight. They lose several kilograms of the overweight during the treatment. There are calloptoid conditions in the rare cases that are easily removed by the injections of the cardiovasculare and stimulating the respiration centre medicines.

However, this method has not only advantages but also some important disadvantages:

  1. It is needed the permanent refreshment of the stable temporal negative reaction to the alcoholic drinks;
  2. The appearing of the negative reflex appears not only to the alcohol but also to the circumstances in which the patient is including the medical treatment facility;
  3. The negative reaction decreases and fades away without the follow-up methods of the alcoholism treatment;
  4. The treatment by this method has the large quantity of the contra indications conected with different chronicle diseases and physiological disorders.

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