What is Cynar

What is Cynar

Cynar – an Italian alcoholic beverage produced by distillation of artichoke juice and flavored with herbs. In General, Italians love all the "flavored", at least remember the vermouth. In Cynar they also add 13 aromatic herbs and spices. The alcohol content in the drink is 16.5%, so it can be called strong only conditionally.

Cynar is a pretty young drink. It was created in 1952 by Angelo Dale MOLLE. Its history is closely connected with successful advertising on television. Since 1995, Cynar has been produced by Campari group. The main markets of consumption Cynar Brazil, Italy, Switzerland.

Cynar has a specific bitter-sweet taste and brown color (dark amber color). Served as an aperitif with ice. There are also many cocktails, which include Cynar. Traditionally served with soda, orange juice, or tonic. The French mix Cynar with beer.

Do not forget that the use of any alcoholic beverages, including Cynar, harms your health and life-threatening.

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