Dependence on sugar. Sweet Killer

Dependence on sugar. Sweet Killer.

Sugar is the household name of sucrose, a chemical extracted from vegetable raw materials (sugar beet, cane, sugar sorghum, sugar maple, some types of palm trees). Its chemical formula is C12H22O11 and it is only slightly different from the cocaine formula (C17H21NO4).

Normal sugar refers to carbohydrates, which are considered valuable nutrients that provide the body with the necessary energy. Carbohydrates can be useful or empty. Sugar is empty calories, because it does not contain other nutrients, such as vitamins, mineral salts. Nowadays, sugar is added not only in confectionery, but also cheeses, sausages, canned vegetables, a lot of it in carbonated drinks.

Sugar can lead to addiction. Scientists came to this conclusion as a result of numerous experiments.

Scientists explain it this way. Firstly, our brain gets used to serotonin and dopamine – substances that are produced in the body under the influence of sugar. They are also called pleasure hormones. After the sweets really enhanced the mood. Through this I want. The brain remembers the products that have caused us the most pleasant sensations and makes us choose the same.

Secondly, sugar is absorbed very quickly in the gastrointestinal tract, provoking the release of a large amount of hormone insulin. Blood sugar first increases rapidly, then decreases rapidly. So, after the sweet quickly comes a feeling of saturation, but only for a short time. Very soon hunger is returning.

Most often, the fall on the sweet people with not very stable nervous system, prone to frequent mood swings. So tend to eat a sweet in a bad mood.

The worst thing is that the reality around us strongly encourages the unrestrained consumption of sugar. Sweet is the reward. Sweet is rest. Entertainment. Way to please. We will never give to their children as encouragement to smoke weed, but quite deliberately sits on the sugar needle, buying candy and chocolates. Gradually it comes to the fact that some children refuse to eat anything at all, if it does not have a sweet taste. Thus, from the earliest childhood we get used to excessive consumption of sugar which arrives to us almost round the clock not only in pure refined look, but also as additives to carbonated drinks, pastries, confectionery and other foodstuff.

The unsweetened truth is that people are slowly killing themselves by consuming tons of sugar and not being aware of it.

What harm brings us sugar:

Overweight: Sugar is more full than any other food of equal caloric value. The trouble is, sugar is calories. The more sugar, the more likely that the body will get the extra calories, without having to spend them (and too many calories in the food is necessary is that the person engaged in heavy physical labor, or runner-runner). Overweight undoubtedly increases the risk of coronary heart disease. Increases the likelihood of cholesterol accumulation in the blood, obese people are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. With the tendency to diabetes completeness again increases the likelihood of its development and makes it difficult to treat, and diabetes in turn greatly increases the risk of myocardial infarction.

Problems of the skeletal system: the Use of large amounts of sugar — one of the factors of diseases associated with lack of calcium and vitamin groups In blood. But calcium is necessary for hematopoiesis, for normal metabolism, to reduce vascular permeability, that is, the penetration of microbes into the blood, for the growth and condition of joints and bones (skeleton, not just teeth).

Caries: there Is an indisputable link between sugar and caries, especially if there is a sweet not at dinner or if the sugar has the form of a sticky substance (which is why honey and even Sabz cause more harm to the teeth than other, simple types of sugar).

Increased blood sugar: Sugar is absorbed very quickly and enters the bloodstream. The human body is not adapted, however, to concentrated doses of high-calorie food. He reacts to it with a sudden release of insulin, which removes sugar from the blood. In the blood may be more insulin than is actually needed. As a result, the sugar goes from the blood, but elevated levels of insulin remains, continuing to take longer "own" previously published in blood sugar. Hunger can only get worse.

Breakdown: For the assimilation of inorganic sugar, the body needs lots of b vitamins, lack of which leads to nervous diseases and polyneuritis, and even to mental illness.

The symptoms of sugar addiction:

Loss of control over how much candy, cakes, chocolates are eaten in a day.

Without sweet there is a bad mood, nervousness, possible even trembling in the body and cold sweat.

How to reduce sugar consumption?

Drink more water. A lot of sugar we consume with drinks, be it sweet carbonated water, tea, coffee, juices and so on. The more we quench our thirst with plain water, the less we drink sugary drinks.

Eat more protein and fat. Proteins and fats are essential for providing your body with energy. It's amazing that our contemporaries, who eat 10-15% less fat than they did 60 years ago, are now much more likely to be overweight. However, be legible when choosing fats. Completely avoid TRANS fats or hydrogenated oils. Eat a moderate amount of saturated fat. In addition, choose healthy monounsaturated fats, as well as omega 3, 6 and 9.

Try new flavors. Set a goal to try new or relatively new dishes without sugar several times a week. Use new spices or herbs, try vegetarian dishes, fruits, whole grains and so on. To maintain the necessary level of serotonin in the body will help you dark rice, bran, seaweed, prunes, dried apricots. Quickly increases serotonin and coffee, but if you want to tidy up the shape, then be careful with coffee, because it can slow down your weight loss process. It is better to replace green tea, which is almost as effect on mood, and coffee.

Eat often. We usually start looking around for a sweet snack a few hours after our last meal. It is much easier to nip this desire in the Bud. For example, if you are used to drinking sweet coffee with a bun at 10:30, then try half an hour before eating a sandwich, carrot or Apple, drink a glass of water.

Be prepared for emergencies. You need to beware of situations where blood sugar drops, and you are at this time in places that do not have a healthy diet, for example, at the airport, office or children's amusement Park (as I found out this weekend). Be sure to think over your meal for 10 days detox in advance and stock up on healthy snack: almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, berries, vegetables.

Breathe to get out of a stressful situation. If you're stressed, your hormones go crazy. Cortisol levels increase, causing starvation, causing the formation of reserves of fat on the abdomen and leads to type II diabetes. Research shows that deep breathing activates a special nerve, called the vagus. It changes the course of metabolic processes, preventing the formation of fat reserves and causes its burning. All you have to do to activate the vagus nerve is a few minutes of deep breathing.

Stop the inflammatory process. Studies show that inflammation causes an imbalance in blood sugar, prediabetes, and type II diabetes. The most common source of inflammation in addition to sugar, flour and TRANS fats are hidden human intolerance to a number of components of food. Most often the culprits are gluten (gluten) and dairy products. Give up gluten and dairy for ten days. This will not be easy, but after two or three days without them you will feel a surge of energy, get rid of the weight and see that many unhealthy symptoms disappear.

Empty. Lack of sleep provokes craving for sugar and carbohydrates, as it affects the hormones of appetite. During the studies, students who were deprived of only two hours of sleep out of the recommended eight had an increase in hunger hormones, a decrease in the level of hormones that suppress appetite, as well as a pronounced craving for sugar and simple carbohydrates. If you haven't slept well, you're running out of energy, so you're consuming more easily digestible sugar. Sleep is the best way to combat overeating. You can literally overcome your sleep craving for carbohydrates-and excess weight with it.

Informed choice. Try when cooking, ordering in a cafe or shopping in the store to divide all products into two groups: the "useful" and "harmful". Try, to the first group always prevailed over the second.

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