Blue disease - dependence from tattoos

Blue disease - dependence from tattoos

Tattoo - one of the oldest areas of wearable art. In the middle ages it was used as a talisman against evil spirits. Indian monks considered it a sign of respect to the law in Japan - a certain status in the family, and in China - a symbol of suffering. British sailors did tattoos in order to protect themselves and the ship from destruction.

Tattoo in our days

Since ancient times, the attitude towards tattoos has changed. In modern society tattoos are often chosen as a beautiful pattern. It has become a way of self-expression among young people, the search for an individual style and an unusual element that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

The importance since ancient times tattoo is not lost. Many drawings still make sense, can be applied for protection, finding good luck, as well as as as a manifestation of attitude to another person.

At the beginning of the 21st century, art is becoming more widespread not only among youth groups and movements, but also among older people, contributing to the self-expression and strengthening of avant-garde art in society.

Despite this, the world Association of psychologists begins to sound the alarm, warning of the risk of "blue disease" (psychological dependence on tattoos).

Blue disease - a new scourge of modern society

Blue disease - a common "phenomenon" known as among the tattoo artists and their media. Its owner are those people who make a drawing begin to experience a strong desire to have a second. As a result, they return to the salon again and again.

Tatu-dependent do not suffer from your problem of discomfort. Sometimes they are so fond of drawing new drawings that their body eventually turns into a continuous chaotic canvas of various patterns, often do not match the selected styles, subjects and colors.

There are even clinical cases among people with tattoo mania, who were in the Guinness book of Records. Bright representative-69-year-old Englishman Tommy wells. It is hard to believe, but the body of an elderly resident of the English city of Worsley caused more than one thousand different patterns.

Causes of blue disease

Psychologists believe that the main reasons for tattoo addiction can be:

The adrenaline rush. Tattooing causes pain, under the influence of which the body begins to produce adrenaline. This feeling is very familiar to fans of extreme sports. Euphoria is fascinating, and people are eager to get this nice state again. Someone jumps with a parachute or goes on a Safari trip, and someone goes to the salon to the master.

Stupidity and ignorance, which is often associated with blue disease masters of modern salons. In the hope to save clients seek to make the first tattoo in cheap salons with doubtful reputation. As a result, the client remains dissatisfied with the result and requires the continuation (addition) of the figure or its information and the application of a new one. We have to go back to the salon again. Experienced masters note that if the first tattoo was of high quality and well thought out, the desire to make the following appears less often.

Complexes. A sense of self - worthlessness, lack of attention, inability to Express themselves-can become another aspect for the development of tattoo dependence. Another tattoo can become an easily accessible way for those who do not know how to properly deal with their shortcomings, do not know how to develop themselves and attract attention in other ways.

Curious statistics

At a University in Texas, scientists conducted a study that examined the cultural and psychological aspects that are responsible for addictions to patterns.

Professor Armstrong has come to an interesting conclusion. Statistical calculations showed that about forty percent of all people who made the first tattoo, returned to the master for the second time. All of them took part in the study and at that time had already 2-3 natelnyh drawing.

It is noteworthy that the social situation in the society, the level of monthly income and family status did not matter.

Ways to combat addiction

The main way to combat any addiction - prevention. The rejection of tattoos will give a 100% guarantee! But should I deny myself completely in the desired? If the desire to make a tattoo above any risk, you can realize the dream, but to do it wisely and intelligently.

Do not neglect the choice of salon and master. Appeal to professionals will be the key to obtaining high-quality and desired result, so you do not have to return to the salon again.

Remember, that to settle a tattoo very hard. In most cases, people live with the chosen pattern all their lives. Some try to reduce the figure, but this process is lengthy, after which the scar remains.

Think over the picture. Before you go to the master scroll through the thematic literature, study various drawings, as well as their meaning and significance.

Do not forget about the risk to health. Doctors warn that the effects of tattoos can be dermatitis, allergies, inflammatory processes, hepatitis and other unpleasant problems.

Remember, that any focus on maintaining should be in measure. This applies to the elements of style, beauty, self-expression. Approach to the choice of tattoos should be cautious and reasonable, then the blue disease is not terrible.

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