Drug-abuse treatment by Detox program

Drug-abuse treatment by Detox program

Detox program is a complex of procedures pointed at chemical dependence of drug addicts. Scientific research revealed and proved the fact, that remains of narcotic substances and other poisons accumulate in adipose tissues of human body and remain there even many years after their usage. Remains of toxins and drugs continue affect adversely on the human may years later. This is the reason why purification of the body is needed. The whole Detox method is based on this postulate.

Detox program consists of 3 stages.

Stage 1:

The deep detoxification procedure (freeing opiate receptors from narcotics) under general anaesthesia during 6-7 hours, or classical detoxification during 7-14 days, takes place. This stage is a preparation one; it allows not only to purify the organism, but also to relieve the physical condition of a human.

In the essence of this stage lays an injection of opioid antagonist (Naltrexone or its analogue). Medicinals of this group exclude remains of morphine out of nerve cells and endings, so that the most painful period of drug cessation passes by painlessly and quickly.

Stage 2:

Implantation of Prodetoxone (or other medicine, depending on the clinic) – brain opioid receptor blockers, with guarantee from 3 to 12 months. This major stage allows to secure the patient from drugs for a long period of time; it decreases the psychological tension caused by pathological addiction to drugs.

Here many skeptics start to doubt of effectiveness and even existence of medicines of this group. Even though a drug user try the usual dose of narcotic of opiate group after the first stage of detoxification, he won’t feel joyride, because he has already received an injection of opioid receptor antagonist. So these medicines are on conscience of clinicians, who offer such medicinal products.

With that Detox program is over, and the drug user leaves alone with his problems out of the clinic, in other words – he faces the second part of drug dependence – psychical dependence. Experience has shown that the less painful was the abstinence period for the drug user, the more the possibility of using drugs again is.

Therefore some clinics included recently the third stage of the program:

Psychological rehabilitation – is an important and very continuous stage of patient’s and his family’s support in conditions of rehabilitation center or in the outpatient setting with working through psychological dependence with the help of rehab program, worked out by the clinic. Here everything depends on experience and skills of the psychologist, who conducts this stage. The first two stages are conducted by anaesthesiologists, and here everything is clear.

There is a second variant of Detox program. It implies purification of the body from narcotics and other harmful substances with the help of physiological procedures. Detoxification consists of running, sauna sweating, taking vitamins and minerals. These procedures are needed to increase sweating and this way to excrete substances, accumulated in the organism. This variant doesn’t use violence, coding, hypnotic suggestion or medicines.

It is hard to say, how efficient both the variants are. Every specific case of drug addiction should be examined separately here, and only then it is time to decide, whether this method is good for this particular person or not.

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