Energy vampirism, who are the vampires, the protection of energotamir

Energy vampirism

Energy vampire is a person, forcibly taking your energy, contrary to all laws of mutual energy exchange. Energy vampirism is a consequence of the violation of bioenergy exchange between man and the Universe. The result of such violation chakra of the person become clogged with stagnated energy, is blocked. The bio-field is heavily distorted and the person experiences a severe lack of energy. Without thinking about the causes of his illness, his weakness, such a person tries to make up for the lack of energy in an easy way, taking energy from other people with more powerful energy - donors.

Vampires are pretty picky about food. Every vampire chooses a victim in need. And the impact has not only the mind and raising energy vampire, but also the necessities of life and disturbances in the body. For example, people suffering from diseases of various organs, consume energy through the chakras, to ensure the normal operation of the relevant authorities. Climbers wishing to advance in science, tend to contact with smart creative people, not only giving the information received, but subconsciously charging their respective chakras.

Energy vampires are divided into solar and lunar.

Aggressive (solar) – themselves attack sacrifice, provoking scandals and squabbles. Their world-reality is infused with anger, hatred and enmity. This vampire is able to pick up someone else's energy to exhaustion.
Others are quiet vampires (lunar), quietly pulling the life out of you, it's Often boring, disturbing. They impose on you communication and friendship, to tame their small services and then quickly, but firmly pull the energy out of you.

Family vampirism

Perhaps, the biggest disaster for people is family vampirism. In most families, there are donors and vampires.

The first type of of the vampire among spouses is family a jealous person. Jealousy is one of the techniques of the vampire to keep his victim in a constant mental strain and on the verge of collapse. Scandals because of jealousy almost always lead to family breakdown. And while married, vampire-husband through jealousy provokes the donor-spouse for their energy supply.

The second type of family of the vampire – family a bore-a sawmill. Constant reproaches and attacks of one of the spouses cause resentment and irritation among the other. Here as a vampire firmly and constantly held on to donor-spouse. He constantly pulls petty recriminations from the victim energy.

The third type is a tyrant or a despot who abuses his victim in different ways. The victim is constantly striving to awaken in him compassion for themselves, to do for his good patron.

The fourth type – the patient in the family, drawing strength from others.


Neighbors-vampires under different pretexts impose themselves in friendship. They come to visit easily, in a neighborly way: to sit, to cry, to be poured at case with blush and to leave. They can torture you with empty chatter. Their Intrusive presence is tiring and annoying, but out of courtesy you will listen to them, boiling inside from irritation. But the vampire is just and necessary.
And one more characteristic detail: vampires never invite to themselves on a visit, and strive to come to drink a Seagull.

Vampires at work

Quite common when the vampire is the boss.
One type of vampire constantly criticizes and educates on Mondays he collects his men and begins to scold. Everyone will get "to a liver", to everyone will find the offensive word, will excite all collective, will beat off all desire to work. Well, if the boss is charging from you for the whole week, but if it happens every day, if it hurts, to hold until their vampiric "five minutes", which lasted for hours? He demands respect, but he often breaks down to rudeness and shouting.
Another type of vampire: the slave, forcing to constantly explain him basic things. He pretends not to understand, yet will not cause irritation. Benefactors, constantly reminding, how many good they have made and make, are also vampires…

Hidden vampires

Imagine this situation. In the room, the room, the kitchen suddenly comes person you don't like, or, as some call it, can not stand. Now, this man deliberately playfully or deliberately noisy begins to loom in front of you or speak to any of those present, pretending you don't care, but really this is a hidden technique by which a vampire gets a fair share of your energy.
When you see this person you immediately starts "banging": accelerated heart beats, breathing stops or goes in the nose. While the nostrils nervously shudder, teeth and lips are convulsively compressed, the intercept throat spasms, arms and legs trembling nervously. Considering himself a man of culture, you even do not submit the form, do not reveal the feelings that literally engulfed your whole being.
As a vampire deliberately uses against you hidden reception, and you show implicit irritation. Impulsive what your reaction is, the faster and better is feeding vampire.
Another hidden trick: vampires require proof. You'll never convince them of anything. They'll still hold their own. And how many nerves will spoil and how exhausted you feel after these conversations! Here as a vampire is important conflict. It provokes an energetic collision. You get annoyed, trying to prove something, and he pours with contentment. Remember that the wise do not prove anything to anyone. It is noticed that in the hidden traps of vampires more often people with an overestimated self-assessment get.

Generally, if after talking with the person instead of pleasure and inflow of forces appears empty, headache, a feeling of wasted time, etc., so you were dealing with a vampire. And, as a consequence-you need to think about why it happened to you. And what does it have to do with the vampire world? Do not forget that people are usually not born a vampire, except perhaps in pathological cases. A child from birth is drawn to bright and happy. However, if it is of love and joy one receives from the adults scream, hatred and irritation, get used to these energies and begin to need them.

The main signs of energy vampirism:

  1. Energy vampire, it is important to bring people out of balance. For example, hiding behind the fact that he does not understand something, he will harass his mentor with questions and mistakes, he will not listen to his explanations, and ignore his help, ensuring only that a person who is tired and annoyed by the explanations, will lose his temper. About such people say that it's easier to do myself than to explain.
  2. Energy vampires often start long conversations "about nothing" that can not be interrupted and have to spend hours, pressing the handset to the ear and listening to their complaints and stories about hard life, problems and failures. You are uncomfortable, tired and tired of the interlocutor, but can not interrupt the conversation? In front of you is an energy vampire.
  3. Energy vampires never invite you to visit, and strive to come to you, drink a Seagull, but they never treat themselves with tea. The vampire in the hotel you will feel at ease and leave you with a sore head, weakness in the body, with a sense of in vain spent time.
  4. Another technique energy vampires is to create situations in which people that depend on them, will have to wait until the last, tortured by the suspense and ignorance. Obtaining important documents, the issue of employment, etc. The more important the information, the more delayed the process of its receipt. As a result, people to harass, nervous, not knowing what to do, and energy vampire gets their food.
  5. Among the signs of energy vampires can also be called the pursuit of the telling detail disasters, tragedies, war, death and other things. Savoring the details of the suffering of the victims, they cause fear, compassion and pain, experiences in others, and thus bring them out of balance. The same purpose is served by a long story about the problems and tragedies in his personal life – for themselves or their friends. These stories always have a sad ending and a gloomy mood that generates depression.
  6. Is considered, that indicator of energy of the vampire are cats. These freedom-loving, independent creatures dislike vampires and treat them aggressively for no apparent reason. Also, the energy vampires are unlikely to found a talent for growing plants or flowers is about these people say that flowers don't like them.
  7. Pro energy vampires often say, that this honest, candid people. And in fact, they are happy to tell the truth-the uterus-especially unpleasant-in the face of the opponent, humiliating him and hiding behind the truth of the statement.
  8. Energy vampires seek to to direct contact. They are happy to touch a person, clap, if it is a friend, pressed in public transport, shove and push, if it is a random passerby.

Practical advice to protect against energy vampirism:

If you do not feel the desire or strength, or you just do not have time to put the annoying person in place, try just to get away from the conversation. For this purpose it is not necessary to listen politely to the interlocutor. Just find the reason why you will have to interrupt the conversation: an important call, urgent, etc. If the opponent to your friendly message does not respond, then just leave without fear of being branded as rude: your peace of mind and the nerve cells are more important than the grievances of a vampire. On the contrary — maybe the only way he will understand that energy vampirism does not work for you.

Try to draw the attacks of the vampire in his own way: make fun of his weakness, if he complains about you for life, laugh at his ignorance in the subject that he is in front of you razmusolivat. Laughter-this is not the emotion that awaits you from the energy vampire, so you will soon be able to get rid of his molestation.

If you withdraw from the conversation you can't (you're on the subway or at work), you need to remain calm that the vampire had given up trying to evoke emotions. What to do? Use your imagination:

In a conversation with a vampire try to translate the theme, interesting to you but boring for him. Talk about yourself. If this does not work, try to disperse his attention with the help of movement: start walking around the room and do something (watering flowers, sort papers, and anything, just not to waste time).

After contact with the energy vampire, or after being in places where people need to take a shower, better contrast, as the water takes it away. It is advisable to change. Turn on some soft, relaxing music.

Go outside, visit the nearest Park: the energy of the trees will make up for your losses after an unpleasant conversation.

Take an interesting book from the shelf and immerse yourself in reading, it will help you escape from unpleasant thoughts.

Hot tea or hot water in the amount of 200-300 ml, which is an excellent means of cleansing the body and contributes to the increase in energy in it. It is a glass of boiling water, which is drunk with slow SIPS on an empty stomach, relieves headache, reduces fever and improves appetite.

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