What is Fenny

What is Fenny

Fenny (Feni) from Sanskrit phena - literally "foam" – a strong alcoholic beverage produced in the southwest of India in the state of Goa. There are two main types of Fenny – coconut and cashew fruit. In the first case, the drink is made from toddy (toddy) – a juice that is extracted from the roots of young coconut trees. In the second case, Fenny made from juice Niro (neero), obtained from cashew apples. The strength of the drink comes to 45 %, although officially permitted fortress for Fenny, produced industrially - up to 42.8%. Since 2009, Fenny has been a geographically protected name. Europeans gave its name to this drink – DYNAMITE.

In Goa, Fenny is a very popular local drink. The technology to produce Fenny in India brought by the Portuguese. Now it is in every shop selling alcohol and is usually represented by several species from different manufacturers. The most popular brand products is a Big Boss, Cashyo and Reals.

Production process of coconut Fenny part of the following: juice extracted from Braga shoots and cobs coconut trees. This juice is very sweet, it is also obtained from palm sugar and leaven dough, used as an ingredient in the preparation of various sweets. Toddy is fermented quickly. Next comes the process of double distillation. After the first distillation receive Mollop (up to 15%) after the second turns itself Fenny. Coconut Fenny is mainly produced in South Goa.

Fenny production process of cashew fruit. As you know, cashew fruit consists not only of a familiar nut, but also from a larger fleshy and juicy part, called an Apple. Here is of these apples in Goa extract juice Niro (neero). Juice is poured into special boilers, half buried in the ground. There is a fermentation process, while the juice is not added any yeast or other enzymes. After fermentation, the product is triple distillation. After the first distillation, Urrak is obtained (up to 15%), after the second - Cazulo (40-42%), after the third - actually Fenny (up to 45%). The taste of this Fenny unlike the coconut turns with more than a touch of tart and aroma of nuts.

Fenny is used, both in pure form or with ice, and as a component of cocktail. The smell and taste of the drink is quite strange and unusual for a European. At the same time, we should never forget that Fenny is primarily an alcoholic drink. And like any other it is harmful to health. No wonder the Europeans call it DYNAMITE.

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