Folk medicine against alcoholism and hard drinking

Folk medicine against alcoholism and hard drinking

People used methods of folk medicine for treatment for alcoholism and hard drinking since long ago. Some of these methods were lost with the course of time; some of them remained to our time. Here we can take treatment with the help of herbs, herbal potions, prayers addressed to saints, spells, charms, incantations and so on.Nevertheless, there is nothing good in running extremes, the most important here is not to go from bad to worse. If you are not sure in the safety of the method used, you’d better visit a doctor. So, let we see at some recipes and methods in question:

Tinctures and decoctions of herbs, mushrooms and other components

Recipe № 1

A tablespoon of ground hazelwort root pour in a glass of water. Boil 10 minutes on a small fire. Muffle up and draw during half an hour, then filter. Pour a tablespoon of decoction in a glass of vodka and give this drink to the alcoholic. He must know nothing about what you have added into vodka. The mixture causes vomiting and strong aversion to alcohol. However you need to follow the dose strictly, as the plant is poisonous. As soon as the patient drinks such decoction, it causes at once a strong vomiting (it can be continued within an hour). After that the drunkard won’t like drinking alcohol for a long time. And if he would like – repeat it once again, that will help him to give up drinking.

Recipe № 2

Take one part of centaury (Centaurium L.), one part of common wormwood herb (Artemisia absinthium L.) and one part of thyme (Thymus L.). Put 15 gram of received mixture into 200 ml of boiling water. Muffle up, draw for 2 hours, filter and take one tablespoon 4 times a day.

Recipe № 3

Centaury is very good against alcoholism. Take 2 tablespoons of a dry and ground herb, pour by a glass of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes, draw 1-2 hours, filter and drink one third of a glass, 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment is one month. This decoction creates a strong aversion to alcohol, and it is absolutely harmless for the human.

Recipe № 4

Put a sulfurwort root and 2 bay leaves in 250 ml of vodka. Draw 2 weeks. Let the alcoholic drink a glass of this tincture. It causes strong aversion and vomiting.

Recipe № 5

Mix the equal parts of sage, thyme, peppermint leaves, rosemary leaves and violet flowers. Pour 100 gram of dry ground mixture by 0,5 liters of vodka, draw one week in the dark place, shaking from time to time, filter. When the patient wants to have a drink, let him drink a glass of mineral water with 10-20 drops of the tincture. At the first stage of alcoholism the scheme of treatment is the following: 1-10 days - 20 drops; 11-20 days – 15 drops; 21-30 days – 10 drops.

Recipe № 6

Green forest bugs, which can be found in raspberry canes, produce a strong unpleasant smell. Catch several forest bugs, draw them in vodka and without saying a word let the drunkard take this drinking. Usually this procedure is the most effective – it cultivates rapidly the aversion to alcohol.

Recipe № 7

White Hellebore (Veratrum albumL.) is also very useful against alcoholism; you need to add this herb into meal or tea of a drunkard. If he doesn’t drink alcohol, then nothing will happen. If he drinks something, the vomit will declare itself. Your task is to hint the alcoholic, that his organism can’t take alcohol anymore, as he has nausea and vomiting. For the first time the drunkard will think, he is vomiting because of off-grade alcohol (or home-distilled vodka). But after the vomit repeats for the second and the third times, the addiction to alcohol will be temporarily decreased.

Worse feeling will be connected with alcohol. The person will feel sick after looking or smelling alcohol (even after talking about drinks). It is high time, the alcoholic thought of how to live from now and then. The patient, wishing to stop drinking, can take this tincture.

Recipe № 8

If you make the drunkard eat a fresh common ink cap (Coprinus atramentarius L.) and after that he will drink some alcohol, he will be suffering from strong vomiting. The further use of alcohol will provoke a strong aversion to alcohol by this man. Make him eat these mushrooms, boiled or fried, several times, and give him some alcoholic liquors afterwards. Thus the alcoholic will soon get rid of desire for drinking. The process and the mushroom are both harmless for human organism.

Charms, spells and incantations

Charms against drinking bout

1. “You heaven, you hear, you heaven, you see, what I would like to do with the body of your servant (the name). The body of Maeren, the liver teze. Stars - you are bright, come down in the marriage bowl; my bowl has a water from mountain spring. My crescent, you are red, come down to my room; and there are neither bottom, nor covering in there. My sun, you are free, rise in my yard, there are neither people, nor animals in there. The stars, release the servant (the name) from the wine. My word is strong!”

2. To make the alcoholic fall asleep and after that stop drinking hard, you need to put a wax into his mouth, when he is drinking vodka with something, so that he will bite the wax. When he falls asleep, spell the wax and sew it in his clothes:

“The day, which is breaking, the beautiful girl, the mother and queen, the light crescent, the bright stars - give my midnight sleeplessness away, come to me at night in the likeness of a beautiful girl, mother or queen, and give away from me the Evil Spirit, and give me the Saviour’s Hand, the Birth-Giver’s Lock. My angel, my archangel - save my soul and save my heart. The Devil, leave me alone. I cross myself and protect myself by sign of the cross, calling for my angel, fighting back the evil one. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. I know the Holy signs!”

Spell against hard drinking

“In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Drunkenness and wine, step back from the servant of God (name) into dark woods, where people don’t walk, and horses don’t gallop, and birds don’t fly. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit (twice), drunkenness and wine, go away with the fast water, where people don’t swim; from the servant of God (name), drunkenness and wine, go away with the strong winds, the way, where winds fly. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, fasten to a bad man, who will think bad about (the name); fasten to that one, who does no good, unfasten from (the name) forever. Amen."

Incantations to drop wine drinking

You can spell home brew, beer and wine in the time of waning moon, at midnight, 3 times: “As the deceased doesn’t stand up from the coffin, doesn’t drink the green wine, so you, the servant of God (the name), don’t drink in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and in the night. Amen.”

Spells during the sleep

When the person is sleeping, and you are talking to him, his brain focuses on all the input signals. Therefore you need to stay at the head of the bed, where the alcohol addict sleeps, and spell the next words (in a whisper): “You don’t want to drink alcohol anymore; your body is not able to take alcoholic drinks anymore; every single cell of your body can’t stand alcohol.”

Do it constantly, until the person stops drinking. Use the same method to get rid of some other bad habits. It is a very serious influence, which one man can take on another. You are allowed to use only the mentioned intentions. You shouldn’t take vengeance on somebody during the sleeping or spell to make him love or don’t love somebody, otherwise the punishment is waiting for you, because such spells will violate the law of nature, and such a law does work, whether you believe it or not.

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