Folk remedies against smoking

Folk remedies against smoking

The longer you smoke cigarettes, the harder it is to get out of the bad habit of smoking. Certainly it is difficult to leave off smoking using only folk remedies and methods. But they may be of much help for some of the smokers, because they have already helped some people. Although for some methods you will need your sense of humor (for example, the advice to smoke your nails).

Cereal tincture

Mix up oats, rye, millet, barley (100 gram of each cereal), pour by a liter of water and boil for 10 minutes, then cool it and filter. Take the received tincture half a glass 3 times a day in 2 hours after meals. Cereal contains a lot of useful minerals, proteins, fat and carbohydrates. This recipe helps very much against nicotine dependence and clears the body of chemical waste.

Herb tea

Ingredients for this tea may be different: snakeroot, sweet flag, nettle, milfoil, tutsan, coneflower, raspberry leaves, plantain, walnut leaves, eucalyptus, caraway seeds, fennel, chamomile flowers, juniper berries, angelica roots, thyme and mint.

The combination can be various. All these herbs can be bought separately or in ready-to-use mixes in a drugstore. They are to brew in the next proportion: 1 tablespoon for half a liter of water. Let the tea brewing; take it an hour before meals. Such herb tea is no doubt very useful.

Sea-salt gargle

The next effective method against smoking is a sea-salt gargle. It causes aversion to tobacco. For solution take 1 tablespoon of sea salt and dissolve it in 250 ml of boiled water. Gargle your mouth every time you want to smoke.

Honey against nicotine addiction

Take 1 kg of fresh honey. This quantity is enough for the full course of quitting smoking. In the morning before smoking your first cigarette, take a full tablespoon of honey. In 10 minutes drink a glass of hot milk. In 30 minutes you may have a breakfast. Half an hour before dinner and supper you should take the same amount of honey and milk. The rest of the time as soon as you want a cigarette, eat one dried apricot or plum (in summer time you may eat them fresh) – they decrease the smoking addiction.

Replacement of cigarettes

Many smokers apply the replacement method to give up smoking. It means you have to chew something, when you want a cigarette, to make your mouth busy. For example, you can chew sunflower seeds, candies, pieces of dried cheese, apples, dried pineapples and bananas. Chew whatever you like, as long as it helps to distract you from smoking. This method is good for people possessing a strong power of will.

Chinese self-massage

You can perform this easy self-massage in the standing, sitting or lying position.

You need to find an acupressure point by your forefinger - it is a little hollow in the center of neck under thyroid gland, about 3 fingers from collarbones. In Chinese it is called “haba-ex”. If you feel pain after slightly pressing it, it means you find the right place. When you want to smoke, put the tip of your forefinger on this point. Having your forefinger on this point, begin to make circle movements clockwise, slightly pressing and moving the skin, with the speed of 2 turns a second. The massage duration is 1 minute.

Applying pressure on this point helps to deliver from tobacco addiction. People, who are quitting smoking, sometimes complain of cough and breathlessness, because their bodies try to clean themselves from hazardous substances, having been accumulated there for many years. Self-massage will help in this case too.

Respiratory gymnastics

This method allows your lungs and body to receive more oxygen. Breathe in freely through your nose and breathe out actively from your mouth, gradually accelerating the pace. You need to do this exercise for 30-40 times, then have a minute break and continue. Thus you need to do 5 repetitions. The exercise is to be performed 3 times a day.

Step-by-step method

This method consists of several steps, which can be taken separately or together with each other:

Besides it is recommended to add to tobacco different additives, which produce unpleasant taste in your mouth. The smoker won’t enjoy such smoking as a result. But this method is not for everybody.

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