What is Grappa

What is Grappa

Grappa - an Italian grape alcoholic beverage strength of 40 % to 50%, which was originally produced in Italy and obtained by distillation of grape pomace, that is, the remains of grapes (including stems and seeds) after pressing it in the process of making wine. The taste of Grappa, as well as the taste of the wine depends on the variety and quality of the grapes used. However, many manufacturers add fruit syrup to sweeten and soften the taste. Related Grappe are Caucasian chacha and South Slavic rakia.

Grappa is a drink of the brandy class. In accordance with the international decree of 1997, Grappa can be called only those drinks that are produced on the Apennine Peninsula and from Italian raw materials. Also, this decree strictly regulates the quality of the drink and the standards of its manufacture. Now there are about 120 recognized manufacturers of Grappa in the country. The most famous manufacturer of Grappa is the House of Nonino (Nonino).

The exact time, place and history of the origin of the drink is unknown. After all, more than 1,500 years have passed since the first prototype of the modern Grappa was made. But the Italians prefer to call the birthplace of the drink a small town Bassano del Grappa near the eponymous mount Grappa. However, the exact location of its first appearance has long been the subject of controversy between the inhabitants of Piedmont, Veneto and Friuli.
Initially, this drink was very rough and tough. Drank it in one gulp without any savoring of clay bowls. For a long time in Italy Grappa was considered a peasant drink, and in fact it was. In order to appreciate Grappa, Italians took much longer than the European community. Over time, Grappa has undergone a taste transformation and became an elite drink. The drink gained the greatest popularity in 60-70 of the 20th century due to the growing world popularity of Italian cuisine.

Classification of strong alcoholic beverage depends on many nuances.

Depending on the age and method of exposure:
Young (giovane) Grappa, it is also called white (blanca), bottled immediately after distillation, making it remains colorless. This Grappa is deprived of aging, but gets a harsh taste.
The opposite of the young Grappa - grappa affinata in legno, which literally means "visited the tree." The national Institute recommends that it be kept in wooden containers for at least six months, but this is not necessary. But even a few stay for a while in the tree, Grappa acquires a milder flavor.
Aged or old (vecchia or invecchia), Grappa spends in barrels for at least 12 months.
Riserva, or "very old Grappa" (stravecchia), - not less than 18 months. For aging Grappa barrels suitable Limousin oak or cherry wood. The original material, of course, affects the taste of the drink. In barrels Grappa acquires not only a Golden-amber hue, but also extra degrees: it usually contains 40-50 percent alcohol.

Another reason for dividing Grappa into species and subspecies - the homogeneity of the feedstock. This means that if the pomace contains 85 percent of the remains of the same grape variety, the label Grappa will be marked this very variety, and the drink will be defined as monovitigno (single-port). All the other Grappa is considered polivitigno (Mnogotochie).

Single-port Grappa can be divided by the name of the grapes from which the pomace were produced: Grappa Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Muscat, Dolceto, Nebbiolo, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, etc.

Grappa can also be:
aromatica-fragrant, made from aromatic grape varieties such as Moscato or Prosecco;
aromatizzata-flavored Grappa infused with berries, fruits, herbs (cinnamon, almonds, black currants, strawberries, etc.).

Variety, the Grappa can be determined depending on the region of production. In General, in Italy Grappa is produced only in five regions: Trentino, Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto and Friuli (it is believed that the best Grappa produced in the last two areas).

Harm Grappa: Grappa is a strong alcoholic beverage, respectively, high ethanol content is fraught with consequences, associated with alcohol intoxication. Also Grappa is characterized by a high content of sugars and combined with alcohol harm from its use is indisputable. Bless you!!!

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