10 methods to overcome the hangover

methods to overcome the hangover

Many people know the unpleasant feelings of the next morning after the great party. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome the hangover that we'll tell you.

1. The sleeping. This is the best way to overcome the hangover because it's the most effective process of alcohol's excretion is during in the period of sleeping. The more you sleep after party - the better you feel yourself.

2. The activated carbon. It not only relieves the stomach ache, but also successfully relieves the hangover. It is necessary to take one tablet per 10 kilograms of weight.

3. The water. It's necessary to drink about half litre of water and do not refuse yourself to drink the water if you want it in the morning. The body is in need of it after party for toxins' excretion and if you use this method the process will be faster.

4. The alcoholic drinks. It's the popular method that conjectural the "healing" by the pick-me-up, for example, the bottle of beer. "One fire drives out another fire". This method is very effective and it is used by many generations. But you should watch out that this method of the "healing" will not become the hard drinking and not use too much of the alcoholic drinks.

5. The brine. It's also like the alcohol is popular for many years method. The best effect to the body makes the using of cucumber's, tomato's or cabbage's brines.

6. The fresh orange juice. The juice has many vitamins, that increase the excretion of alcohol from the body.

7. The cold shower. The best method for the people that doesn't have the problems with the heart. The cold, better freezing shower makes the shock for the body and helps to overcome the hangover. After this procedure it's recommended to drink a glass of the green tea with lemon or the glass of water.

8. The green tea. It stimulates the body's work and can be the helper in the fight with the hangover. The black tea or coffee is not recommended and they can be harmful.

9. The hot food. It can relax the body and can have the positive effect for the bowel's work. It's recommended to eat the hot broths.

10. The medical pills. There are many kinds of such medicines (Alka-Seltzer,Alka-Prim, Antipochmelin, Alkoprim etc.). They are effective enough for recovering after hangover but you shouldn't forget to follow the instruction! Also you should take into account contra indications when you use it. For example, Alka-Seltzer is not recommended for the people who have the problems with kidneys.

Also you shouldn't smoke in the period of the hangover. The smoking will add to the body problems with the excretion of the toxins and not improve your condition.

And it's the most important. If you use a few methods and don't have the positive effect it can be the alcoholic intoxication and you should call the doctor.

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