What is Hanshin (Baijiu)

Hanshin (Baijiu)

Hanshin - a traditional Chinese alcoholic beverage, distilled from wheat, rice, maize, gaol, chumisa, sorghum and nomi. The taste of Hanshin depends not only on the product itself, but also on the method of its purification. Has a color from turbid to transparent, and odor. The strength of the drink from 40 to 70% vol.

In China, this drink is also called baijiu or shaoju - "hot wine", which hints at both the distillation process, and the former custom to drink a heated drink. Currently, the market volume hansini is estimated at 25 billion pounds (group Diageo). Sales of this drink exceed the volume of sales of whiskey, vodka and rum combined. A large fortress and cheapness hansini constitute one of the main reasons for the popularity of alcohol among this disadvantaged population.

Hanshin is being prepared according to the old method. Hanshin plant is placed in an ordinary residential fanze, and if the plant is large, then in a special room, which has the form of an ordinary fanze. Quasilinear pits arranged in the floor of Fangzi. In kwaselow the pit for further leaven placed grains of different kinds, moistened with water, and then all grain thoroughly compacted in the pit. The pit is sheathed with boards and covered with a shield made of boards. This fermentation usually lasts 15 days, but sometimes longer. The method for further production of Hanshin passes on the usual principle of condensation of alcohol vapors, distillation apparatus in Chinese consists of two boilers of iron, as well as a wooden special VAT.

Harm hansini: Hansina prepared in primitive conditions contained a large amount of fusel oils, so it was hot drink, warming in a special vessel with a narrow neck. Excess substances when heated, evaporated, and alcohol, with a narrow neck, steaming did not have time. Over time, Hanshin began to surpass several times and the need for heating disappeared, but it, as before, is served in small cups and under a plentiful snack. Although, to date, also very often found low-quality Hanshin, so it is better not to risk drinking such drinks.

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