Hypnosis in drug-abuse treatment

Hypnosis in drug-abuse treatment

Hypnosis (from Old Greek – a sleep) is an altered state of consciousness. It combines signs of wakefulness, sleep and sleep with night fantasies at the same time. Conditions of psychical functioning, typical for hypnosis, let mutually exclusive conditions of consciousness exist simultaneously. Being under hypnosis, the patient perceives addressed to him words without criticism; his suggestibility gets increased.

In our days hypnosis is often used for drug-abuse treatment. It should be mentioned that there are a lot of extrasensory individuals and healers appeared lately. They offer to get rid of narcomania by the method of hypnosis. Unfortunately, most of them are nobody, but fraudsters.

The patient will have to understand it quite clear: drug addiction can’t be cured by hypnosis alone!!! It can be a supportive method of this or that drug rehabilitation programme. Hypnosis may increase the level of suggestibility of a former drug user.

Hypnotic séances make the doctor’s words more significant. Hypnosis will help to sort out patient’s complexes, fears and neuroses, associated with the use of drugs.

During hypnotherapy the influence on the addict’s consciousness takes place. Different techniques are used for that. For example, major hypnosis uses such methods of psychocorrection, as age regression, immersion in childhood - in other words in that time, when the patient was healthy, knew nothing about drugs and wasn’t an addict.

Hypnotic suggestion in this condition can restore the feeling of freedom, remove stressful moments of childhood and youth – they can be simply “erased” post factum. The provoking reason for starting using drugs may be anything, including a negative life experience. Therefore being under hypnosis, the patient goes and works through all age stages, sometimes even starting from the moment of conception.

Hypnosis helps to perform the age progression of a patient: that is to see his future and create a protection program, causing fear at critical moments of life, which make drug use an impossible thing.

To restore functions of the body sometimes the method of erotic hypnosis is used. The fundamental instincts of a drug user die away, and it is extremely important to activate his sexual and erotic activity in order to replace emotions, appearing by taking drugs, for sexual ones.

Hypnotherapy can increase creative activity connected with art, business, occupation as a writer - to fill the space, which forms after withdrawal from drugs, as much as possible.

Hypnosis of our time is able to make an effect without total sleeping of a patient. The consciousness of the patient remains clear in this case, and suggestion is going on with the assistance of so-called trance conditions.

Such complex techniques are effective in psychotherapeutic treatment for drug dependence.

Unfortunately, in most cases, especially in the first two months of disintoxication, hypnotherapy alone is not enough. Only the sequential complex of all the needed procedures, including disintoxication, medicinal treatment and hypnotherapy, will provide a tangible result.

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