Identifying drugs by wipe analysis

Identifying drugs by wipe analysis

Wipe analysis is a new technology, which helps to identify one’s involvement in drug usage. Sometimes it is impossible to convince a drug suspect of undergoing drug tests. In this cases the wipe analysis of various surfaces can be done (without a drug suspect’s knowledge) to prove the fact of drug abuse.

The druguser, who takes amphetamine, cation, cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, cannabinoids, ketamine, mescaline, psilocybin and many other drugs, takes them by hands. Then he may take a lighter, a mobile phone, a PC mouse, tap at a computer keyboard; he may touch the steering wheel of a car and the transmission gear lever by the same hands. The surfaces, mentioned above, are considered to be the most possible places, where the particles of narcotics can be found.

The drugs spilled in the passenger compartment were found many times. For that purpose the passenger compartment should be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner; the bag with collected dust should be soaked in normal saline solution, and then – tested for various drugs by immunoassay.

It is impossible to count all the objects, on which the drugs have been found. Wipe analysis can be also performed by testing pillowcases, T-shirts (especially dirty and sweaty ones), underwear and socks for drugs. Narcotics discharge with sweating, absorb on the clothes and can be identified by wipe analysis.

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