What is Jagertee

What is Jagertee

Jagertee - a strong alcoholic beverage produced by mixing black tea, honey, red wine, and other ingredients with rum, schnapps or other strong drink. The drink is distributed in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. Other names-jaga-tea, jagatee, jagertee, huttentee, forstertee, hunting tea, Jaeger tea, Forester tea. Jagertee's strength is 40% vol.

In the 19th century it was drunk in winter hunters, foresters, woodcutters in Austrian Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Today, this drink is especially popular among skiers and consumed during the winter in the cold parts of Central Europe. Usually consumed diluted water in ratio: one part of jaga-tea to 3-4 parts water. Often consumed in its pure form. The drink is drunk in a heated form.

Harm Jagertee: this drink is today very popular in the ski environment. As a rule, it is drunk to warm up. But as Jagertee is very insidious and the intoxication from it is coming quietly, he has been the cause of several accidents on the track. Just do not forget about the main component of Jagertee - alcohol. Its use is in itself dangerous for your health.

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