What is Jarzebiak

What is Jarzebiak

Jarzebiak - strong Polish national alcoholic drink infused with Rowan with the addition of fruit (figs, raisins, prunes, etc.) and aged in oak barrels. Jarzebiak has enough a sharp flavor. The strength of the drink is 40% vol.

The production process of Jarzebiak is not different than something special. Ethyl alcohol is infused with Rowan and dried tropical fruits with the addition of a small amount of sugar and grape distillate. Then the alcohol Matures in oak barrels for a short time, which gives it a light color. The drink is bottled in bottles of 0.5 liters.

Used Jarzebiak as an aperitif, suitable for meat dishes and snacks. Before use, it is recommended to cool slightly.

Harm Jarzebiak: What are the additional deviations from the norm this drink does not have. It is produced under control on an industrial scale and has a high degree of purification. But this does not mean that the drink is harmless. 40% vol. alcohol in the drink has not been canceled. The effect of ethyl alcohol on the body, regardless of what the quality of alcohol is the same. More harmful effects are possible only with the deterioration of the quality of the drink.

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