What is genever

What is genever

Genever (netherl. jenever) is a strong alcoholic beverage produced in a certain area by the method of dispersion of the wort of grain crops with the addition of juniper pine trees and herbal supplements. Genever is considered the most fragrant and rich in taste among other juniper spirits. Genever refers to alcoholic beverages having the category of European protected geographical indication. EU regulations indicate that the drink produced only in the Netherlands, Belgium, as well as in two French provinces and two German lands is allowed to be called genever.

In fact, genever is the ancestor of gene. The invention of Genevieve attributed to the Dutch doctor Francis Sylvia (Franz de La boe). The drink quickly gained broad layers of Dutch society. This process was greatly facilitated by the entrepreneur Luka Bole, who put the production of juniper trees on an industrial basis. For that purpose he, in 1575, built near Amsterdam distillery, which initiated the still thriving company Bols.

Modern genever produced by traditional, long-established technology. In its basic features it is as follows. Barley and rye grains with malt additive are ground and diluted with water to obtain a wort, which is fermented. Braga then distilled, getting alcohol strength of 50 degrees, called "malt wine". It is diluted with water, juniper berries and other vegetable components are added, and then distilled for the second time. The final product is a 35-40-degree alcoholic beverage.

Of course, each manufacturer has its own technology features. Thus, the company makes Bols distilled four times, and during the last misses a couple of alcohol on the juniper fruit.

The following types of genever are highlighted:

Jonge jenever (young). It is made of ethyl alcohol of any agricultural product (sugar cane molasses, sugar beet, etc.). Contains up to 15% malt wine. It is interesting that the minimum limit is not specified. For this reason, 80% of this Genevieve "malt wine" do not contain at all. Sugar content - up to 10 g / liter, the minimum strength – 35%. Colorless drink.

Oude jenever (old). Also in the production of distilled spirits are not allowed from crops (you can use beets, reeds, etc.), but "malt wine" should contain more than 15%. Sugar content - up to 20 g / liter, the minimum strength – 35%. This type of beverage is aged in barrels, but also allowed tinting caramel. Color-light brown.

Korenwijn-contains at least 51% "malt wine", sugar – up to 20 g/liter. Minimal fortress is 38%. aged for at least a year in barrels, strong, dense, oily genever. This most expensive of the Dutch genevers are sold in ceramic bottles, and served in small bokalchiki type "Tulip" strongly cooled. Color can be from colorless to light brown.

Graanjenever-genever, which is 100% made from cereals. Must contain at least 30% alcohol.

The damage to Genevieve directly depends on the quantity and frequency of consumption of this product. We must not forget that its composition primarily includes ethyl alcohol.

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