What is kirschwasser

What is kirschwasser

Kirschwasser, Kirsch (it. Kirsche cherry and Wasser "water") — a strong alcoholic drink produced in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland by the distillation of fermented wort special varieties of black cherries with stones. At its core is a cherry brandy.

History begins with the seventeenth century. It originated in Eastern France and Germany. Initially, the original kirschwasser was made from only one variety of dark cherries, morellos. Currently, other varieties of cherries are used in the production of this type of brandy.

The cherry is cleaned of stems, and then crushed with a heavy press and put in a warm place in a closed barrel, periodically stirring the cherry pulp. In the production of fruits roam entirely and bones before distillation give the drink its characteristic almond flavor.

In the manufacture of Kirsch applies a double distillation. After distillation kirschwasser stand in glass vats, sometimes they are replaced by clay jugs, but never in wooden barrels, which can spoil the natural flavor of the drink. Glass or earthenware vats throughout the entire process of settling is kept open, so as not to impede evaporation. The strength of the drink after aging ranges from 40 to 50 %.

Sue kirschwasser should be to the table in small glass glasses. Based on Kirsch you can make a variety of cocktails, but the most famous cocktail with this alcohol drink is "rose". And, of course, use it in the preparation of confectionery and pastries. Switzerland is also an essential attribute of cheese fondue.

The main danger of the Kirsch-fortress and sugar content. This alcoholic drink has quite a lot of sugar, so for those who have problems with metabolism, the use of a Kirsch can be fraught with instability of blood sugar. The liver can also give complications due to disruption of the processes of utilization and release of glucose.

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