What is kumyshka

What is kumyshka

Kumyshka (vodka votyaks) - Udmurt national alcoholic drink. According to scientists, the word kumyshka came from the Turkic word kumys, which was cooked in the same way, only from Mare's milk.

Kumyshka history goes back many centuries. It is impossible to name the exact date of the drink, but the first mention of it dates back to the 16th century. Originally comisco did distillation of soured cow's, sheep's or horse's milk. Even in the 19th century, the southern fiefdoms still made milk from milk, the fortress of such a drink did not exceed a few degrees. To date, in Udmurtia called moonshine, which is not quite correct, as it has its own secret recipe. Each family - your drink: the taste, the smell, and the transparency and strength. Comisco brewed only by women. At someone it turns out surprisingly well, someone's not coming out.

The strength of the drink depends on its composition and varies greatly from 2 to 40 degrees. The Udmurts southern regions did comisco weak fortress 2 degrees. The northerners, on the contrary, always respected the strong drink that burns if you set it on fire. It is very popular in Udmurtia postam - kumyshka, tinted berries - raspberries, cherries, with honey. It is heated on fire and drink hot.

since ancient times kumyshka was used by Udmurts, Mari and other Finno-Ugric tribes in religious rites. It is possible to enter a state of euphoria, to break away from reality and get in touch with the gods.

Despite the former popularity, today kumyshka is not in great demand in Russia. Many researchers believe comisco hazardous to health due to its content of a large percentage of fusel oil. And this is not groundless. As a rule, this drink does not pass any cleaning.

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