What is Lambanog

What is Lambanog

Lambanog – strong traditional Filipino alcoholic beverage. Basically, the drink is produced in the Philippines-Luzon. Juice of the closed flowers of coconut is used for its production. It is even called "coconut vodka". The strength of the Lambanog reaches 45%. The taste of lambanog is nothing unusual, it is largely similar to other palm-fruit distillates.

Lambanog is considered a drink for the poor, as the technology of making the drink inexpensive, and coconut palms grow in abundance in the Philippines. The process of Lambanog production has been part of the Philippine tradition for centuries. And if earlier lambanog did solely at home, but now this drink because of its popularity put on stream and is sold quite legally in shops.

Although at first glance the process of production of the drink seems quite simple, but in fact it is very time-consuming. First, you need to collect nectar from the flowers of coconut palms. To do this, workers need to climb to a height of about 10 meters and there moving from one palm to another on bamboo poles connecting palm trees to collect nectar in a special bamboo vessel. To collect the nectar with 40 palm trees takes about half an hour. The juice undergoes a fermentation process. Then it is poured into a special dish and cooked until a coconut punch, which is called "tuba". Then by distillation tube distilled again and then get a real lambanog.

Filipinos drink lambanog clean. For tourists also began to produce a traditional drink with the aroma of mango, blueberry and even chewing gum with cinnamon.

Undoubtedly, the drink made at home, is very toxic, as it contains a large amount of fusel oils and aldehydes. Therefore, its use will have a very negative impact on human health. Lambanog produced on an industrial scale undergoes additional purification, but it does not mean that it becomes safe. Alcohol in any form is poison. Depending on the amount of drunk from causes corresponding harm to health.

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