What is liquor

What is liquor

Liqueur ( lat. liquor - "liquid") - fragrant alcoholic beverage with a sweet flavor produced using sugar, flavoring additives, extracts and distillates of aromatic herbs with the addition of roots, spices , berry and fruit juices, as well as essential oils. Instead sugar so same applies honey or glucose, and also burnt sugar. The strength of the drink varies from 15% to 75%, and the sugar content — more than 100 g/l.

Classification of liqueurs in different countries is carried out in different ways: depending on the strength, sugar content, method of manufacture or type of raw materials.

Depending on the type of raw materials, the following liqueurs can be selected:

Commercial production of liqueurs began in the Middle ages, when alchemists, doctors and monks sought elixir of life. This led to the creation of a large number of well-known liqueurs, including bearing the names of religious orders, which these drinks were first obtained.

Now, the liqueurs are produced throughout. But among this group of drinks there are established favorites, which are a sin not to mention:

Harm liqueurs. Liquor is a bomb of alcohol, calories and sugars. And without that being in difficult conditions of ethanol processing, (and harmless "minimum" for the liver of ethanol doses does not exist) the liver is forced to deal with an excess of incoming glucose. In a state of high intensity work is and pancreas. Also at the heart of the liquor can be used products that cause allergies.

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