What is maotai

What is maotai

Maotai is a Chinese alcoholic beverage (35-53%), produced by the method of high-quality halyan, named after the town of Maotai in Guizhou province, where it is produced. The manufacture of beverage has been the company Kweichow Moutai Company. Maotai is considered one of the most expensive vodka in the world, one bottle can cost from 150 to 750 dollars.

Maotai drink from the little porcelain or jade glasses or cups. Speaking of toast, have to raise a glass with the right hand and with her left hand to hold her bottom. After the toast, "Ganbei" is pronounced, which is an exclamation close to our "drink to the bottom."

Production of maotai:
Maotai is made from high-quality gaolan, which is a kind of Chinese sorghum (spring culture).
The first stage of production of maotai lasts 8-9 months: twice in the boilers for fermentation added raw materials (grain), it wanders for a month, followed by the distillation process, and so repeated 8 times.
Maotai is stored in the basement for more than 3 years, after which the manufacturing process continues and maotai is stored for another 1 year. All this complicated production process, which takes about 5 years in total, affects the quality of maotai, it becomes more harmonious, refined, taste - soft.
Maotai is slightly yellowish in color, thick in consistency, its taste is elegant, thin and pleasant. The strength of the drink is 35-53%.

The history of production of maotai began more than 2000 years ago. The first mention of it is in the chronicle "Shiji", which was written by a historian named SIMA Qian (Han dynasty). His creation describes the visit of the Han dynasty Emperor Wudi in the Principality of Elan in 135 BC. There's the guest of honor was treated with a local vodka called Gossan, which he really liked. Thus, this drink became the predecessor of modern vodka Maotai, whose name appeared in 1704. At the time, this drink has become widespread: by the end of the Qing dynasty (early XX century) production of vodka maotai has reached a size of over 170 tons per year.
Currently, Maotai has become almost mandatory at official government banquets in Beijing and presentations abroad. It is a "national drink" and a "diplomatic drink" of China.

The symbol of Maotai is a huge red flagon-an analogue of those vessels into which maotai is poured. This four-storey building has a lift and a viewing platform for those who want to see the sights. The town of Maotai is located high in the mountains. It leads to a "serpentine" along the beautiful and clean rivers, Chihuaha. In the city the air is saturated with wine vapors. Of the 7,000 residents of the town, about half are engaged in the production of the famous drink maotai.

We must remember that vodka Chinese maotai – a very insidious drink. Despite the fact that this is a fairly high-quality drink, strong intoxication from its use comes sharply and immediately. Without calculating the dose you can get a strong alcohol poisoning.

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