What is Metaxa

What is Metaxa

Metaxa - a Greek strong alcoholic drink obtained by blending grape brandy, aged Muscat wine from Samos and Lemnos and special infusion of herbs and leaves, followed by long aging in wooden barrels made by hand from the famous Limousin oak. The strength of the drink is 40 degrees. Mataxa got its name in honor of Spiros Metaxas, who invented this drink.

The history of Metaxa originates from the end of IX century. Spyros Metaxas in 1882, built in Kifisia distillery, which began producing Metaxa high quality. In 1888, the drink began to export to many countries.

The process of production of Metaxa is quite complex. First, from zaizyumlennogo grapes three Mediterranean varieties of wine is made, followed by its double distillation to produce grape alcohol. Grape alcohol is aged in small barrels of Limousin (cherry) oak from 3 to 30 years, depending on the requirements for the future drink. To aged 60-degree distillate for further pre-support added: aged sweet wine from Muscat grapes, infusion branded herbal collection and distilled water. This assemblage is aged in large oak barrels for at least three years. Before bottling, the resulting brandy is subjected to cold filtration, that is, it is cooled to a temperature of 6S for 48 hours, after which it is passed through microfilters. And only then the drink gets the name Metaxa.

Classification of Metaxa depending on exposure:
"Metaxa 3 stars" (at least three years of exposure);
"Metaxa 5 stars "(minimum five years of aging);
"Metaxa 7 stars "(minimum seven years of aging);
"Metaxa Grand Olympian Reserve" (twelve years of aging);
"Metaxa Grand Fine" in a ceramic jug (from 8 to 15 years of aging);
"Metaxa Private Reserve" in crystal decanter (20 to 30 years of aging);
"Metaxa AEN" (from 30 to 80 years old)

Metaxa drink slowly, enjoying the taste and aroma. If desired, you can add ice. There are numerous cocktails with the addition of Metaxa.

Harm Metaxa: this drink has a fairly high quality of production and purification. But despite this, its skeleton is ethyl alcohol. Alcohol itself causes damage to the entire human body, affecting its organs even when consumed in small quantities. But its excessive use is extremely dangerous.

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